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Good morning good afternoon good evening and welcome back to day 10 of this 28 day productivity series for those of you don’t know me my name is Tristan Griffiths and you can find me across all the socials as @ImTristanG

Today I want to talk to you about
Money On The Table

It’s a really basic principle, and it’s going to fast track your sales and your growth in your business and all you need to know is that within one meter of you, there are loads of opportunities!

What do I mean by this? If you were to grab your smart phone, just like I have here, you’re going to realise that within your smart phone there are hundreds of possibilities and opportunities.

These are going to be things, where you might not necessarily think straight away there is an opportunity, but because you haven’t connected with someone, or reconnected with someone, or maybe even updated them on what you do, you might not have realised the potential of a connection that already exist in your network!

Right now coronavirus gives you the most competitive advantage, and a reason to reach out to people.

One of the things that you need to consider here is that it’s a great opportunity to reach out, connect, ask people how they doing, without any alterior motive. This is going to position you really well to start a conversation, or reignite a relationship with someone.

When you go down that route think about how many contacts you’ve got within your network. In your phone. And that you could reach out to, in order to start that conversation. Maybe they might be someone you do business with, or maybe they can introduce you to someone else who might be interested in the products and services that you provide.

I would encourage you today to slowly go through that list of contacts in your phone, have a look at who might be a potential person to do business with, and also who has contacts that might be your potential audience, and then start reaching out!

When you do this, you’re gonna wanna allocate a set amount of time every single day to doing that out reach. To making sure that you’re spending time either reaching out, or responding to people who come back to the out reach that you’ve done before.

Super simple, following some of the processes I’ve already shared with you, I want you to look at batching this, and time blocking, so that every single day you can take small steps forward in the out reach and starting those conversations.

You may be wondering why this video is slightly less consistent and slightly less of a flow than it has been before, that will all become apparent to you very shortly!

If you wanna fast track your success today;

  • Pick up your smart phone
  • Go through your contacts
  • Start talking to people.

We focus so much on social media and reaching out through digital means that picking up the phone, dropping a text message is a welcome way to connect with someone, to start showing that you care, and rebuilding a relationship.

The more people you reach out to, the more opportunities you’re going to discover,  the more doors you’re going to open, and what introductions those people can do for you to other people.

So today grab your smart phone, start contacting people. Set some time aside in time blocks, make sure that you’re consistent with it, and you keep doing it on a daily basis, and watch how many opportunities open up for you, and how much easier it is to grow your business or brand!

Don’t forget it’s just your smartphone!
Don’t overthink it!
It’s just the process of reaching out to people that you already know.

All you need to do now is talk to them, have a conversation, and start by asking how they’re doing, and how they’re coping right now.

Coronavirus gives you the opportunity to start connecting with them on a human to human level, and ultimately people buy from people.


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