The problem with content creation!

The Problem With Content Creation

When we talk in the digital world, and social media about content creation, I think the very phrase that we use can quite often cause some major concern, and strike fear into people. Not really sure where to go, what to do, what to say, or how to do it. 

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about those common complaints that people have around content creation. 

I feel that using the phrase ‘content creation‘ strikes fear into people because, when people think about having to ‘create’ they have a whole load of concerns, that actually lead to procrastination. 

It’s the very thing that causes them to wait, to not take action, to not create that content. And the reality is, when you start to look through the things I’m  going to talk to you about today, it’s going to change how you see content creation, and  hopefully help you to overcome those concerns, those issues, those worries that you might be facing. 

Just like many other people in your situation. If you run a business, if you help people, if you provide goods and services to other people, then all of these tips I’m  going to share with you today will help you to overcome the worry around content creation. 

‘Not everyone is creative’

The first one is that, not everyone is creative! 

People worry about creating content because the very phrase content creation makes them think that they have to go all out, and have to be super elaborate, and have to create something absolutely outstanding, and perfect, and polished. 

They worry that they are not creative, and don’t know how to do that. 

The reality is that people connect with people. And they want to buy from people that they resonate with, that they feel comfortable with, that they trust, that they look up to, and that could be you. 

Don’t worry too much about how creative you are but do start putting content out. If people can’t find you, if they can’t discover you, if they can’t get to know you, what you have to offer, then they can’t do business with you!

‘Is it professional enough?’

A lot of people in that space obviously also worry about if their output is professional enough. 

If I shared with you right now what my setup looks like right here, I’m literally using tripods, and ring lights, and microphones, but the reality is it didn’t start here. 

Everyone has to start somewhere… 

I encourage you, if you own a smartphone;
You already have everything you need!

You have a microphone, you have a camera, and you have a voice ready to speak and share your story. Share what you can do for other people, and how you can help them. 

You do need to start creating content, and sharing what you can do to help other people. What your products and services look like, and how they benefit those people that you deliver them for. 

“Why would people be interested in me and my business?’

A lot of people also, as well as worrying about getting into that creative mode, and worrying about is it professional enough. They also worry, why would people be interested in looking at my content? 

There’s so much content out there on the web already, there’s lots of people already in my industry, why would they be interested in me? 

I know for a fact that there are people who won’t work with me because I’m  high energy, I speak fast, and within my world there are so many people talking about digital marketing, social media And that’s fine, because different people resonate with different people. 

You want to connect with different people. 

Think about it… if you went to school, went to college, went to universities. Not everybody got on with everybody else, people go into groups. They find people that they like, that they feel comfortable around, and they trust, and that’s what you’re doing for your business with content creation. 

I want to encourage you not to fall into that trap of, why would people be interested, but put the content out, and find the people who are interested. 

If you don’t put it out, people can’t express their interest, and can’t do business with you. 

‘What if I get it wrong?’ 

Lots of people often ask me – ‘What if I get it wrong?’ 

A common complaint by people doing content creation. 

The reality is, we’re all human, we all make mistakes. 

I’ve literally this week seen three or four major brands, that have agencies, and lots of copywriters, and people checking things, and double checking things, and they’re still making mistakes! 

It’s absolutely fine to make mistakes online, and through social media. 

Don’t try to be a robot.
Don’t try to be perfect.
Don’t try to have everything perfect, and polished. 

Make it accessible. Start to connect with people on a human to human level, and just watch what happens in your business. 

Get started and improve!

So my advice to you today, around all of these different things, whether it’s about being creative, or ‘Why would people listen to me?’ or ‘What kind of content do I create?’, and ‘How do I create it?’ 

If we move from the phrase of ‘content creation’

Into ‘content documentation’ – life becomes easier! 

Everybody has a story to tell. 

So start telling your story and documenting it. 

Whether that’s just grabbing your smartphone and recording a short video clip, taking a couple of photos of the things that you do and sharing them online, you’re allowing people to resonate with you, understand what you do, and choose you as a supplier for them. 

I want to encourage you today to take more photos. 

I want to encourage you to be brave enough to just hit that record button.

Record a video. 

You don’t have to do it live. It can be pre-recorded. It doesn’t have to be fancy, it can literally be you grabbing your mobile phone, and just creating a piece of content. 

But start today! 

You’re only ever going to get better if you get started, and improve along the way! 

Nobody starts at the highest level. 

People have access to different amounts of equipment, and different expertise around them, but the reality is they all start as beginners! Nobody starts at the top level, even if they have amazing people around them. 

I want to encourage you to get started today! 

If you’re an artist maybe you’ll time lapse you creating a piece of art, that takes hours. 

If you’re a builder, or a tradesperson, maybe you’ll time lapse doing an installation, or a fix, or a boiler replacement. 

If you’re a coach maybe you’ll record a call where you can take the main outcome of what you say, not the client information, because you need to be sensitive about that, but what you say to that client, that could also be beneficial to other people. 

It shows your expertise;

It shows your knowledge; 

It positions you as an expert; 

… that other people can trust, and decide to do business with. 

Start documenting 

If you create by documenting, it’s easier. 

Part of this is, when people ask you questions, are you documenting that? 

If someone asks a question and you answer it for one person, the chances are you have to answer it for lots. 

So create what we refer to as digital assets, starting today, and they will serve you for the length of your business! 

Once you create them once, they can serve you over and over again, and your audience. 

So start creating digital assets, by documenting conversations, meetings, the work that you do, the products that you’re creating, behind the scenes, time lapse, photos, videos, but don’t let it be overwhelming! 

Do it at your pace. It’s not a race. 

Do it your way. 

But today, move from thinking about content creation, to content documentation!

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