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Welcome back to day 13 of this 28 day productivity series.

Today I want to encourage you to care less what people think.

I’m coming to you today with crazy hair, looking a bit unshaven, and that’s to prove a point to you that you really need to step into yourself, show up authentically, and really care less about what everyone else thinks.

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Tristan Griffiths, and you can find me as @ImTristanG across all the socials, so please do connect with me where you most like to hang out.

Now this might not instantly seem like a productivity hack, but quite often we get in our own way. We get in our own heads, and we hold ourselves back, because we worry far too much about what everybody else thinks.

Is my hair right?
Do I look clean shaven?
Do I look good?
Do I look tired?

And those things are things that tend to slow us down, and tend to slow the progress that we could be making.

Maybe we don’t create that piece of content, or post that photo, or write that status update, because we worry about what someone else thinks.

By worrying about what other people think, all you’re going to do is slow down the pace at which you could be creating content, and showing up online. The way in which you could be showing up in your business, and helping people, because you’re so concerned about what other people think. And the reality is, there is an amazing phrase that I want you to remember from today,

‘What other people think of you;
Is none of your business.’

It’s your job to show up, and to be the very best you can be.
To turn up as the best version of yourself.

Yes sometimes your hair might be a bit skew whiff.
You might not look great.
You might have had a little bit less sleep than you’d hoped for.

But the reality is, you’re showing up, as the best version of yourself, in that moment. You’re giving it your all, and you’re doing everything you can, to move forwards.

So today I want to encourage you to care less about what other people think, and know deep down inside that you’re doing your absolute best in any given moment.

Show up and ensure that you’re doing that, and you will make more progress.

Productivity isn’t just all those tips and tricks for making things quicker, faster, and better. Sometimes it’s about understanding the things that hold us back, and holding the opinions of others in far too high esteem can be one of those things that holds us back.

So today rock up with your crazy hair, don’t worry about if you haven’t had a shave, or you look a little bit tired.

I want you to show up, for your community, because they care, and they want to hear from you.

So show up as the most authentic and genuine version of yourself, and don’t care too much about what everybody else thinks


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