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🌍  What is Achieve And Succeed

  • Do you set yourself achievable, yet challenging goals?
  • When did you have you last team meeting?
  • Would you like to make more money / generate more leads?

Achieve And Succeed is both a personal & business development support service, born out of many years experience consulting for businesses, and other professionals, wishing to achieve more in both their work and personal lives.

As a fresh set of eyes in any situation, Tristan Griffiths & the team have identified that most individuals and teams are not setting, achieving and adjusting their goals, and therefore the levels at which they succeed is directly impacted!

Is Achieve And Succeed Just For Businesses?

Simply put… NO! 

We all know this importance of goal setting, but the problem most people face is accountability.

We are all so busy working IN our businesses and/or lives and not ON them. Or we have no-one to report to as the owner / managers / individuals. Therefore it is much harder to stay true to our original goals, hopes and expectations, however good they and your intentions may have been, when you set them!

The team at ItsNomad9 have developed a strategy & system that ensures you are operating at a higher level you know you are capable of. We are here to help you assess your goals, adjust them but most importantly achieve them!

Your success is our goal!

Unlike Social Media Mentors (Global), where you study at their own pace and are accountable just to yourself and perhaps you feel an obligation to check in with the online group.

Achieve And Succeed a two part personal & business development programme and underlying support service, to help you achieve the potential you deserve!

Tristan is dedicated to making personal contact with every member of the Achieve And Succeed community, staying true to his personal mantra;

I selfishly want to help everyone!

So it is not uncommon that you will receive a message from  Tristan himself, welcoming you to the programme, and introducing you to the way things will work. He also often drops in on members of the community, to see how they are doing and to keep them motivated and on track to achieving fast growth and huge success, in their chosen area.

That being said, he also understand the importance of playing to your strengths, which is why he has chosen to collaborate with a dedicated team to deliver the most value to every member of the community.

Calling on a strong well established network of professionals allows the team at ItsNomad9 to deliver even higher value for all members of our ever growing communities, and we value each one, aiming to excel and leave them feeling extra special every step of the way!

The team at ItsNomad9 pride themselves on results and have helped previous clients achieve some amazing results, as well as being involved in some pretty cool projects too, why not take a look for yourself;

Previous Accomplishments :

  • 3,000,000 Digital Visitors in 9 months, with Zero Budget
  • Client Achieved $11,000 Sales in 10 Days on Snapchat
  • Launched Australia’s First Snapchat Geo-Filter Campaign
  • £30,000 Savings for Digital Video Media Agency in 3 weeks
  • Social Media Consultants for BBC Australia
  • 100% Team Retention Over 2 Years [ Aged 18 – 24 ]
  • Video Interviews For Sony BMG, London
  • Partnered with Microsoft, Merlin Entertainments & Proof Drinks
  • Increased event profits by 300% and attendance by 500% in three weeks! (See below!)

🤔  Who runs Achieve And Succeed

The Achieve And Succeed programme is delivered by a range of professionals and industry experts, but primarily headed up by ItsNomad9‘s Chief Inspiration Officer – Tristan Griffiths (aka ImTristanG) focussing on the Business Development side, and the personal development side of the programme is coordinated and delivered by Rudy Ebanks (aka ImRudyE).

This is a real game changing programme for ItsNomad9

Why not join the Achieve And Succeed community?

A true Digital Jedi, and master of his craft, Tristan has graced the stage in both the UK & Australia to speak on topics relating to productivity, social media, marketing and team building. All of these things are only possible with strategic and attainable goal setting!

Tristan’s knowledge, approach and strategies after 24 years in business, are unlike any other! Bringing that wealth of business, marketing and social media knowledge to the Achieve And Succeed programme, and collaborating with other trusted professionals, ensuring that the systems and processes are not only world class, but tried and tested too, in the real world! 

Rudy Ebanks has over 18 years delivering training and development within a high profile businesses environment, but he has never taken his eyes away from investing heavily in furthering his own personal development. Having delivered a wealth of pastoral care and counselling to a variety of people, he is well versed in helping to discover and draw out individual and team’s true potential.

Bringing an exciting and fresh approach to improving your personal output and Rudy opens new doors on what is possible for you in both your personal and business life, based around your health, wellbeing and mindset. He will keep you inspired, motivated and on track to achieve more than you even realised was possible!

🎓  How will you learn?

After studying the patterns and understanding what works, this programme is open by application only, and we deliver globally online, via video call every week. With a quarterly physical meetup events to help the group to bond even further and build stronger collaborations, joint ventures and partnerships.

The great part of Achieve And Succeed is that it is bespoke and designed to fit in with your business and/or lifestyle, whilst helping you to prioritise and make the best use of your time resources and capacity.

The team are interested in finding the perfect solution that works best for you!
( There is no one size fits all, cookie cutter strategy here! )

If you are successfully accepted, you will received an initial on-boarding call, to let you know what to expect from the rest of the programme. But you can expect the team to deliver you a variety of useful content and friendly reminders, via a range of methods in order to keep things fresh and on track between monthly group sessions! Not only that, but they are using proven techniques to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals, dreams and aspirations, and may even stretch you to achieve more than you realise!

Whats’ the commitment?

Payment is handled automatically monthly, with a minimum commitment of 3 months. This is in order to set, work on and achieve notable progress, and then there is a quarterly rolling commitment. This allows us to manage and keep the group running smoothly and settled for all of the other members.

We meet LIVE online for an hour per week, stay accountable, set and reassess goals and targets, as well as teaching you some new techniques to use for the coming week to enhance your progress even further.

We then also meet up physically in person once a quarter, where applicable ( UK Based )

This is a safe space to open up, discuss your concerns, and get help and advice not only from the people running the sessions but also the collective intelligence of the group.

Throughout the month you have open access to Tristan for Business Development,  & Rudy for Personal Development help, via a number of communication methods, as well as an online group to tap into the collective intelligence any time between sessions.

Over and above the learning, goal setting and accountability sessions, the team will also hand pick a selection of useful materials to compliment your goals and help you fast track to your success, all of which will be made available to you through the ItsNomad9 library or other resources we have available to use as a collective.

Getting started is as simple as these FIVE STEPS :

Firstly speak to the team.
They will ask you a variety of questions to see whether this is the right solution for you.
They will then run through how the process works, and what is expected of you, as well as what the team at ItsNomad9 will provide.

Secondly, If we are all in agreement that this is the right solution for you, then we will begin on-boarding you and getting you setup for success, and making he most of #IN9AAS

Thirdly, after your initial on-boarding call, the team will deliver you a variety of resources and content to get you prepared for your first group mentoring programme. (Yes there is homework to do!).

Fourthly you will attend your first  #IN9AAS group mentoring session, accompanied by likeminded business owners and professionals, all on the same journey. You will be in great company, which is one key part of huge success. You are in the capable hands of our expert mentoring team, whose focus is fully on helping you to identify ways to improve, and helping you set out the structure for the coming week & months, whilst curating powerful group conversations, tapping into the collective intelligence of the room, to help you realise just how much opportunity lies before you.

Fifthly  You will spend the week completing the work set out in the group sessions, prompted by team reminders, via a range of methods in order to keep things fresh! Remembering these are proven methods to keep you motivated and moving towards your goals, dreams and aspirations

The Achieve And Succeed community enjoy ;

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