Advice from Facebook Vs Facebook Groups

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Advice is invaluable, but only when it is well founded. So be careful whose advice you buy!

As stated in the infamous Baz Luhrmann song ‘Everybody’s Free’ ;

Be careful whose advice you buy but be patient with those who supply it
Advice is a form of nostalgia, dispensing it is a way of fishing the past
From the disposal, wiping it off, painting over the ugly parts
And recycling it for more than it’s worth

Now I want you to focus on the bit I have highlighted…

It’s something we see all to often in my industry, people asking for advice, but not necessarily in the right place or from the right people, who have the expertise to share this advice.

I am not talking qualifications;
But more so practical experience;
And a form of mentorship

The image in this post is just one of many examples of people taking to social media to get advice from others, with no precursor to if they are in a position to dispense the right information to answer effectively.

NOTE : The original question being posed was around the use of Hashtags on platforms, and screen grabbed, and modified for illustrative purposes and to protect those users identities. 

Facebook Vs Groups 19201080

How many times have you seen this happen on social media?

You know the situation where somebody takes to their Facebook wall, or community group etc, and asks how to do something that they could have – in the same of time, looked up via search engines like Google, Bing or one of the many others are available, depending on your preference!

Now understand my point, I’m not suggesting that all of the answers you find via search are the best answers, but at least there’s people have invested time into committing those ideas to the written word, video or audio.

In fact the highest authority answers to these questions that are found via search, are often that way because of social proof, interaction and commentary by others around they’re very contents!!

In this very example, where they are asking about something to within Facebook in a Facebook Group. They could have, in the same time, found the answer via search or Facebook’s own blog, where it is the official statement & most accurate information around the platform.

So coming back to my point, when you’re seeking out help and advice, be sure to be asking the right people who are qualified to answer the question. and by qualified I don’t mean necessarily with qualifications, but with the expertise knowledge and experience to be able to comprehensively answer your question and back it up.

Be careful whose advice you buy

People who are asking questions in these communities, and taking the common consensus as the correct answer, may not be being privy to the most accurate information, and the most credible advice.

This example highlights how misinformation, or under educated information, is easily shared, spread and becomes “Common Knowledge

With such easy access to a whole world of information at our fingertips today, it is important to realise that we have to take responsibility for where we search for information, and those who we listen to…

Why would you want to get information second or third hand, when you can go to the original source and get the most accurate and up-to-date information directly from the platform

Advice from Facebook

Because the very question was about the platform, and it’s common usage it would make most sense to look at the resources provided by said platform in order to get the most accurate, up-to-date and relevant information.

In this case, Facebook has a very comprehensive blog of the latest updates and feature rollouts, that anyone can access easily and freely.


Advice from Facebook Groups

The people within a Facebook Group, our only managed and monitored by the administrators of the group, and this can lead to gaining information from these groups from people who may have little or no credibility in answering the question you’re asking

In Summary

As is the nature with social media, everyone on it can have an opinion and is more than happy to share it, however this does not mean the information they’re sharing with you is up-to-date, correct, or even factual!
So my advice to you if you’re looking for help, is to go to the most credible sources, and to compare answers, so that you can be as informed and educated as possible on your chosen question & it’s answer.

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