Get Sales RIGHT

Does talking about money, or having to sell to people strike the fear of God into you? Or do you just feel uncomfortable?

Believe it or not this is very common amongst small business owners, whether they are well-established or just starting out.

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  • Be respectful of their time
  • Don’t pad out the call
  • NEVER use closed questions
  • Offer massive value
  • Make the decision easy
  • Be sure to close the sale
  • Add even more value

There is a reason that is uncomfortable to talk about money or to try to sell to people. We have been brought up in a society where people are jealous or envious of those who are successful. We have also been taught that money is evil, and that taking from others is wrong.

The reason we associate all these things with Sales, he is generally people are doing sales wrong.

Surely selling is selling?

Of course sales is the act of making money by providing something to someone else, be that a product or service.

It is the process of selling that I am talking about.

Most small business owners focus wholly on the features of the product or service, rather than the element they should focus on!

So how do you get it right?

There is a reason that some people are amazing at sales and others aren’t. They all understand one very basic principle.

Sales is all about helping people!

Again most small business owners think they are focused on this when in fact they are not.

Let me give you an example using a carpet cleaning company…

The business owner may believe that they provide the very best cleaning service and that is what makes them invaluable to the customer. Of course the quality of service is important, but what the owner doesn’t realise whilst focusing on this, is that is not the reason that someone will buy without thinking.

All customers have a problem they want solving.

The time the company saves the customer, allowing them to spend it doing something they enjoy is one key factor. The other key factor is the guarantee that the job will get done properly by someone who is an expert in that field. The important thing to realise is that these two key factors make the sale easy because for the customer there is no hassle, and also no chance they will need to do it again.

The process of making something easier for someone, and guaranteeing it was done well, is the reason that buy.

How does the product or service make the customer feel? Decisions made based on feelings on much quicker levels of conversion.

For a carpet cleaning company, the reassurance of a job well done, that was easy to arrange and fairly priced, will make the customer feel confident in the purchase, and happy with the result.

When you realise this, is the carpet cleaning company selling carpet cleaning?

Is it the cleanliness of the carpet that they are selling? Or is it the time that is invaluable to the customer they are selling them back?

Once the customer realises that engaging an expert means that the job is done quicker and better and allows them to spend their time doing something they enjoy, the sales becoming easier.

This concept applies to nearly every business! We are in this business of selling time.

Consider for a minute a painter and decorator. It may take them three days to decorate the room, as opposed to an unskilled customer it may take them two weeks.

At the point the customer realises that that is seven days of time, they will associate that with the quote for the job.

It is your job to make it that clear.

Now the customer is putting a value against seven days of time not the three days of the job!

Of course the customer will also know that the job will be done properly, where as if they did it themselves they may appreciate they may have to revisit parts. That’s increasing the value of the service provided.

Are you starting to understand?

Once you re-frame the sales process, sales become much easier, and the customers reach decisions quicker.

Let’s look at another example to make it crystal clear. This time using an outsourced virtual office business that helps with administrative tasks and telephone answering.

Most business owners would think they are selling administrative tasks and telephone answering. This is based around the old methodology of selling!

Using the same process we did for the cleaning company and the painter and decorator, what is it that this business is selling.

Time? Definitely, but with this one there is another element to make the sales easier.

Just concentrating on the telephone answering service for a minute, the time element returned to the customer is not only in not having to answer the phone, but also the process of filtering unnecessary and unwanted calls.

Think for a minute how many phone calls or receive regarding updating your website, PPI claims, or insurance companies trying to sell to you. This alone is a massive amount of time saved and great value proposition.

As the business owner it is your job to ensure the customer sees this as part of the value.

I said there is a second element to this business and what you are selling the customer. If you haven’t already worked out, it is the value of losing a customer by being tied up on other calls, or missing the calls altogether.

Most business owners looking to engage a telephone answering service don’t realise that it is the lifetime value of a new customer that they would lose by not answering the phone efficiently. Therefore as a telephone answering business it is important to work through that process with them, so that they come to that own value proposition for your service.

Let’s say a purchase from a customer maybe at the value of £30, and the average customer is loyal for three years. Working through this with the customer would highlight that not engaging properly with that phone call could be costing them £90 every time.

Now do you see how we reverse engineered their thinking process. If you get the customer thinking about the money lost rather than the money spent, it starts to become a no-brainer to engage a specialist.

Why does this work? It is back to how you feel it is upsetting and uncomfortable to think you are losing money due to your own inefficiency, which makes you want to fix the problem quicker than any other reason.

One last example to ensure you understand.

Let’s look at the service we provide as social media mentors global. It is a business support network that keep customers up-to-date with the latest changes in social media.

Having had people ask why they should pay for information freely available on the Internet, the answer is simple…

As specialists in digital media we provide you the correct answer concisely, saving you time, effort and costly mistakes.

Of course you can go and get the information from online. However if you’re not a specialist there are a multitude of answers, and it will be down to you to determine which one is correct. It would also take you a lot more time than consuming some concise videos we have purpose created.

As I said we are all in the business of selling time.

Inside the group it would take you 60 minutes per week to keep up-to-date with all the changes.

Arguably outside of the group it would take to 60 minutes per platform to keep up-to-date with the changes.

Wouldn’t you rather spend your time doing the things you’re good at, that generate you your biggest income, and investing in getting specialist help to excel in the areas that you’re not specialist in?

Furthermore, reading articles you have to take at face value, we provide two hours of Live question and answer every week, just in case you don’t understand something or have another new question.

So we also effectively sell The guarantee of the correct custom solution. Therefore reassurance, and the removal of stress trying to manage it on your own.

Never forget we are all in the process of selling time!

Now you have read or listened to this, it is time to look at your own sales process.

Are you still selling based on features, or are you embracing feelings lead sales?

If you would like help analysing your processes for sales, why not book a call with Tristan to see just how much more money you could be making.

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