FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions

is social media marketing effective

Social Media is one of the most effective forms of marketing, when properly leveraged, because it is based around proximity, trust and recommendations from those we know and/or trust.

Social media is an amplification of people’s opinions, and a place where people share their experiences, both good and bad, helping others to come to more informed decisions on places to go, things to buy and much more! 

When companies do well on social media, they have usually built a strong community, and kept them highly engaged. Whilst this takes time to build up, it is invaluable to the success of any social media campaign. 

After all there is no stornger recommendation than that of the people closest to you, whom you trust. 

Do I need to be local?

Absolutley not!

Whilst we love getting together with our members for coffee ☕️ catch ups, and to get hands on, but we can serve clients internationally and globally 🌍 via our online webs services 🖥 and support communities.

How much time will it take?

Each solution varies, but your implementation is the key to your success in any area of business or personal developmemt. 

We deliver proven strategies and techniques, but the more time you apply, the faster you will see results. 

Surprisingly to most people, you can make measureable improvements in as little as 10 minutes per month! 

how to write good social media content

This is far easier than you might initially think… 

Firstly STOP thinking like a business, or marketer and START thiking like a customer!

Do you like being broadcast at, and bombarded with information images and advertising? No? Then it’s unlikely your audience likes it either. 

Think more about creating and crafting a great customer journey and taking them on an experience. Evoking emotions, utilising great storytelling and sharing the experience with them, to make yourselves more relatable, likable and appealing. 

Never broadcast for the sake of it! Always do it with purpose. And that purpose should be with the intention of always proviing value and helping those your business serves. Create content from a place of service and find out just how easy it is to cut through the noise! 

why social media marketing works

Who are you most likely to trust when choosing a new restaurant? 

A friend? A stranger? The Restaurant advert? 

Probably all three in that order… Why? Because you trust the pinion of your friends and would like to think they know more abotu you and what you are likely to enjoy. Therefore their opinion will always come as the highest recommendation. Followed by other independent people ho have nothing to gain when sharing and leaving their opinions of the businesses and brands online. (Think Tripadvisor AirBnB etc). Then finally the business advertising – but of course they will tell you they are good? Wouldn’t be much of an advert otherwise would it? 

Social media works because of the funamental trust we already have within our groups of friends, colleagues and social netoworks. Their opinon counts for something, so as a business learn how to win over those with influence and you will find this is one of the quickest, cheapest and easiest big wins for your business when it comes to attracting new business. 

what social media marketing means

Social media marketing in it’s RAWEST form means the act of communication your message online to a mass audience through platforms referred to as social media platforms. 

GOOD social media marketing however is the refined art of building amazing experiences, engaged communities & taking your potential and existing customers on an exciting and well thought out journey.

The sale is merely the happy result of great experiences and community engagement. 

how social media marketing has changed

This FAQ section is far too short to do this question justice, but social media has not changed, but is ever evolving.

The current state of the internet is now referred to as social media, when back just 10/15 years ago social media was barely even a household phrase.

Think how many platforms, apps and websites you can interact and engage with others, leave reviews and comment in real time. These are social interactions, thorugh the medium of digital media.

With the fact social media is ever evolving, even if we taught you everything we know today, you would more than likely come back with more questions within a matter of weeks if not days.

That is why we created our training community to keep members up to date with all the current changes and tends in the industry, so that they could focus on their busienss and dip in and out as they wished to keep up to date with the parts that are most relevant to them in that specific moment. 

We wanted to ensure there was a super affordable solution available to businesses of all szes to keep them up to date and provide the support they may need at any tim of day or night. As such the Social Media Mentors (Global) community was born from just £29.99 pcm. 

how social media marketing works

At it’ score, social medi amarkeitng works based around trust and often borrowed credibility. 

On social platforms people are consuming and enaging with business, brands products and services, mostly based on the opinions of others. Primarily friends, then platform recommedations from algorithm & reviews by independent strangers.  

Social media provides instant social proof of expriences others have had with businesses, brands and venues, allowing people to create more informed opinions of them without ever having experienced their services first hand. 

Satisfy, amaze and exceed your customers expectations and you can benefit from viral popularity created by online reviews and recommendations. 

what does social media marketing cost

Social media marketing can vary greatly in cost, and this question can be likened to the question ‘How long is a peice of string’ – except that has a definitive answer. 

There are a number oc contributing factors that can affect what this will cost you. 

It may sem likee a bettr option to go it alone and run ads and promotions yourself, but this can prove costly if you don’t know what you are doing, and leave you frustrated with little to show for your money. There is a reason it is a full time job in many businesses and agencies now to help get advertising results on social media. 

Organic social media can be a great way to go, but this also comes with inherent costs. This takes time, which means someones earning potential is focussed on this taks instead of any other income generating activities for the business. 

Want to get a better idea of what it would cost to achiev your goals, please do drop us a message and we will try to guide you better on this one. 

FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions 

which companies use social media marketing

Social media agencies can help businesses of all sizes, depending on their online objectives and outcomes. 

A good social media agency will take time getting to know you, your team & your business or brand, so they can help you more effectively in achieving you business obectives online. 

Getting a specialist on board to eithe manage or consult early on can save you costly social media faux pars or obvious mistakes, that can cost more to rectify later.

Consider what you are trying to achieve and at least speak to an agency to see what advice they offer to help. Good agencies will help and only engage you on their books if you are a good fit, but should at least offer some sound advice first, otherwise they probably aren’t the right agency for you. And there are plenty to choose from. 

what is social media marketing and how does it work

Simply put social media marketing is the efficient communication of your marketing message thorugh effective methods on a variety of social media plaatforms, communites and influencers.

Whils the medium and format may change the results should be somewhat predictable, but be open to exploring more unpredictable avenues too as the results you may achieve may become the trends others follow! 

How much do social media agencies charge?

Different social media agencies offer different solutions, and their prices vary in line with this.

Here at ItsNomad9, we don’t believe there is one size fits all model that does your business justice, and strongly believe that the best results are created when an agency spends the time getting to know your business, team & brand values so that they can help amplify what you do online.

This is turn frees you up time to do what you do best, delivering amazing customer experiences and answering the inbound customer enquiries we create for you.

Once we have discussed your requirements and got  an understanding of your business we can suggest a range of silutions we can help you to implement, collaboratively with the team.

Whilst we don’t believe in a cookie cutter approach, but we do have a variety of solutions to suit all budgets.

With FREE consultations, audits and resources.
Education & support communities from just £29.99 pcm. 
Basic £49 one time training courses, to bespoke solutions, higher level strategy & consultation, we really do cater to all levels of business & various budgets.

Why not have a chat to find out what we can do to make your life easier and to help to build your business or brand online starting today!

Afterall your online presense is effectively your digital shopfront!


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is social media marketing dead

Believe it or not we get asked this alot, due to the sheer mass of content that is being created and broadcast online. People both as individuals and companies are starting to feel they are drowning in an overwhelming amount of content, and getting lost amongst the ‘white noise’ online. 

Looking as consumers we should realise already the best way to ovrcome this sense of overwhelm, and cut through the noise is to get good at creating comelling and enagaging content that captures the imaginations of our target audience. 

Getting good at stairy telling, will help you connect with your ideal customers, and help to evoke emotions in them that will allow you to take them on a journey, keeping them coming back for more from you, your business and your brand. 

Social media certainly not dead by any stretch of the imagination!

is social media marketing the future

Had you asked this back in the 90s, or even early 2000s then the answer would likely have been; ‘What is social media?’ when it should actually have been yes! 

In today’s ever increasingly interconnected world, with people turning to the web, a variety of platforms and the recommendations of others to help them make better informed ecisions, social media is a major player. 

Is social media the future? NO it’s the here and now. 

Most of the time people are spending online now is spent on a wide variety of social media platforms. you jut need to identify which ones your audience spend time on and engage with them effectively there. 

Having a strong community focus and building your own tribe of highly engaged  followers is a key part of how to develop a strong business or brand online. 

what are good social media sites

Which social media sites are ‘good’ depends on the outcome you are looking for, as they all attract different audiences and are good for communicating in a variety of different ways. 

Some have large easily targettable audiences that ou can market to thorugh paid promotional posts, with highly granular detail. Others are deliberately harder to navigate and flood with information, in order to create higher quality connections and therefore more closely connected and more engaged communities of users. 

The usual suspect always come up, like Facebook being a strong contenter for most businesses, alongside the likes of Instagram & Twitter, which work well both organically and through paid advertising. However I encourage you to keep an open mind to some of the newer and emerging platforms. As we have helped clients secure large financial gains thorugh the likes of Snapchat, when noone else had seen the real opportunity in their market sector at that point. 

why social media marketing is important 2018

With Facebook starting out back in 2004, it was actualy a late runner in the game but revolutionised the way we communicated and shared our personal and private information with our communities, networks and even the rest of the world. 

In 2018, the majority of time people spend online is based around social media, or as we at ItsNomad9 like to refer to it – the current state of the internet. 

Think for a minute what sites you spend time wher eyou can’t leave a comment, a public review, or engage with other users in some way or another? 

Social media is driven by engagement of users in groups. Without that, people would spend far less time online. It’s about a sense of belonging. So when you can create that community feeling and welcome people to join it around your business or brand, then you will truly understand the power of social media and why it’s importan tin 2018. 

when to use social media marketing

As a start up buiness, you will likely be short on resources and not on time, so social media is a great way to get your business known quickly by engageing in established communities, or even establishingyour own. 

Social media is a great tool for marketing in a number of ways, but they should all consider the customer journey. What is it like for the person receiving any communication you put out, or services you offer online. 

Remember to only take on as much as you can manage, or to engage someone to mange this for you so that you don’t leave current or perspective customers ‘out in the cold’ so o speak, waiting for your responses, simply because you have’t got time to respond. Only play wher you have time to do the platform and fforts justice. 

As a larger or grpwing business, social media stil plays a pivotal role, especially if you have built up great online relationships and communities, but I would highly advise making this someone’s full time role, or engaging a social media agency to help you mange this community in real time. 

Community management is key as you grow online. Please do ask if you have any further questions on this – we would love to help you build a powerhouse community online, both on social medi and your own apps and / or websites. 

does social media marketing work

Whether social media works depends on a number of factors, much like anything. The level of expertise, research and trial and error being the most common for new businesses taking to social media marketing. 

The ItsNomad9 team have delivered some serious results for a variety of business and they ahve all been powered by social media. These include such successes as; 

  • 3m strong sudience online with no budget in 9 months
  • $11k in 10 days on Snapchat – Rising to $67k in 8 weeks
  • Savings of $30k in three weeks for a digital videi agency 
  • 500% increase in attendance & 300% increase in profits in 3 weeks for an event brand 

So does it work? ABSOLUTELY!

However, you need a storng and weel thought out strategy and to be adapatable and ready to test, try and change things as required to see results like these. 

We are happy to help you craft your very ownsuccess story along these lines.

Why not get in touch & become our next success story? 

can social media marketing really help my business

As I already mentioned, social media agencies are people who have chosen to specialise in helping other businesses do what they do best by helping them to achieve their online objectives thourgh social media. 

So yes, social media agencues can help you fast track your success online. 

Much like many other professional services, they are the experts, so be sure to research who to work with. Reference check their credibility and track record & then allow them to guide you on what are the best actions to take to get the best results. 

We alway work with clients from thei desired outcomes to reverse engineer success, so why not drop us a messgae to see how we might be able to help you today. Even if it’s just some advice on what you should do next. 

what is social media marketing agency

Social media agencies are a collective of professionals specialising in online marketing utilising the effective use of social media pltforms, or as we refer to it now – the internet. 

Each person in an agency usually has a specialist area that compliments the others in the team. It is their job to pull together as a team to create and where applicable implement the strategy on behalf of the client. 

A social media agency are specialist in getting results from campaigns their build and implement online thorugh varous social media platforms, communities and influencers. 

where to learn social media marketing

There are a rabge of places you can learn social media marekting including a wealth of FREE online resources, however, if you are interested in learning social media more hands on with support, you are in great company.

Who better to learn from than those who on a daily basis test, try, teak and implement strong strategies for a variy of businesse, brand and industries. 

We have a strong supportive business and entrepreneur community of businesses and brands who are always more than happy to share their latest finds and successes with each other to inspire and hold each other accountable to innovating and improving daily. 

The Socical Media Mentors (Global) trining and business support communtiy was designed do just that. As well as keeping you up to date with all the latest treds, changes and how you can make the most of them, we also designed this to be super affordable at just £29.99 pcm 

How to choose social media agency?

Please do your part for due diligence. Research them and ask for previous case studies and examples. If they cannot provide these it should ring alarm bells!

Not only this but ask for information on their onboarding processes. If they cannot provide this quickly and easily, then I would suggest being a little wary. This may be because they are a new agency, but if they are not sure how they are going to onboard you, the chances are they also will not have great processes in place for the consistency of delivery for your account management.

ItsNomad9 has documentation ready for 


If an agency needs your passwords, then please, do yourself and the industry a favour and steer clear! Professionals in the industry will never need access to your password as this leaves your business at risk. As full control is then in the agencies hands, and should the worst happen it would be more complicated to cut ties. They should always protect you first and foremost.