Digital Media Personal Trainer

If you want to fast track :
• Your marketing efforts
• Your general productivity
• Your understand of the software behind your services
• Or get real clarity and focus

Why not book in a session with Tristan and let him teach you ‘hand on’
Simplifying the process & helping you achieve a higher level of productivity.

This is a fast paced look at how you can implement some quick changes to really enhance your business immediately

As we claim on the homepage – we really do things differently! 

Every Digital Media Personal Trainer session is recorded and sent to the customer afterwards, to review and revisit as many times as they wish. Why do we do this? Simple – Being all about productivity Tristan wants you to stay present and not distracted by note taking, in order to make the very best of your 90 minutes! (Note taking can be done later from the replay)

Session can be completed either in person, by phone or video conference.
So we really can cater to you regardless of where you are.
(As long as you have reasonable internet)

What Mark had to say about his
Digital Media Personal Trainer session…


NOTE : Social Media Mentors (Global) Members benefit from a 40% Discount in Digital Media Personal Trainer

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