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This course has something for everyone from beginners all the way through to experienced livestreamers.

This Course Covers

  1. Understanding Why You Should Livestream
    In this section of the course we share the amazing opportunity that live video and live streaming offers people, businesses and brands. The best part – it’s FREE to get started & not as hard as you might think!
  2. Removing Overwhelm 
    In this section of the course we will help realise that with a little structure and planning you can remove all the overwhelm and get moving towards making live video and live streaming work for you, your business or brand.
  3. Setting Your Schedule & Structure
    In this section of the course we help you to explore and set a realistic expectation on how much live streaming you will do based on your intended outcome. And the formats your shows / broadcasts might take, including the topics based on research!
  4. Getting Set Up
    In this section of the course we help you to understand that you can start where you are with what you have, but also the opportunities available to you to enhance all aspects of your broadcasts. Not stopping there we want you to make the most of your time so we help you understand how to get higher viewership numbers too.
  5. Live Video Platforms 
    In this section of the course we discuss all the available platforms you can broadcast to. But we also remind you that, just because you can do them all, it doesn’t mean you should! Make them work for you…
  6. Pre-Broadcast 
    In this section of the course we share the importance of not just hitting GO LIVE, if you really want to make the most of every broadcast, and what you should do ahead of time to make the time spent live as efficient as possible.
  7. The Broadcast 
    In this section of the course we focus on the magic of the LIVE VIDEO / Broadcast & how you can really separate yourself from the noise online. How do you stand out, make your livestreams POP and make the most of every second spent creating!
  8. Post Broadcast 
    In this section of the course we remind you that despite the LIVE section being done now, there is still more to do, to make the most of the hard work you have already done. Fear not – we take you step by step through each section of this too, so you know exactly what to do next to maximise the effectiveness of your livestream.
  9. Other Uses Of yYour Livestream 
    In this section of the course we show you how exactly to leverage your time spent on video live streaming for your audience to create further assets that will also serve you longer term than that impulsiveness of a live video. There are so many possibilities, but here we discuss the main and most obvious opportunities.
  10. Advanced users
    In this section of the course we share a few of the more advance tips & tricks we and our colleagues use to make things even more professional, engaging and impactful. But these may cost a little more (time / money)  to setup – but trust us, they are 100% worth the investment!

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