[ A month of content from just 10 minutes* ]


Let’s quickly dispel a myth:

‘Blogging is difficult and time consuming!’

You simply don’t have the tools in place to make it as easy as it could be.
Let us show you how you could blog every week in under 10 minutes per month!

As well as your website, you have the ability to publish to all of these mediums in hardly any time at all…

In your words and with your knowledge you can help others today!


You are a specialist in your chosen area!

Why not share that more openly with the world?

Using the Content Creation Machine, the team at ItsNomad9 can help you leverage your time to create powerful content, that will become valuable assets for future promotion.

This productivity hack is a service we have created to allow you to focus on what you are GREAT at!


Written content and blogs are not disposable!
When well crafted and written, they become cornerstone content and digital assets, that be further leveraged to increase your brand strength and reputation. And can even be repurposed further into print and non digital assets & distribuatable materials.




Website ||  LinkedIn  ||  || Medium ||  Facebook


 YouTube +  Google My Business ||  Facebook  ||  LinkedIn


Facebook  ||  LinkedIn ||  Twitter


Instagram  || Pinterest

POSTING : After our team has created your content they schedule directly to your platforms for you, with an initial buffer for you to approve any new content before publishing.

Alternatively, you can opt to have the content sent over to schedule yourselves. (Although this adds to the work for you & is somewhat counter-intuitive)



content creation machine

It’s a customisable and bespoke service that allows you to streamline your social media and marketing processes.

Why not let our experienced, specialist team deliver your content for you, so you can concentrate on running your business and providing the BEST solution for your customers.

Do what you do best…

…and let us do the rest!

As a business owner there are many aspects to creating and sustaining / growing a successful business.

Unfortunately social media tends to be one of the last priorities for most people.

🤔  WHY?🤔    

Most business owners suffer from the same issues, do you suffer from any of these too…?

  • Lack of time to feel they are doing the job effectively
  • Failure to stay consistent across social platforms
  • Confusion around the right type of content
  • Knowledge gap in being able to measure and improve their efforts
  • No access to the relevant tools

⚠️  FEAR NOT! ⚠️

The dedicated international team at have created a solution that helps business owners to deal with all of these concerns! It’s what we refer to as the CONTENT CREATION MACHINE [ #IN9CCM ] 

This allows businesses to create a full month of social media content in just 10 minutes.


First and foremost Valuable Assets 

Our team guide you in helping us create great content for all of your social platforms, with the intention of working towards your goals and objectives.

Each time you create – it should be with purpose & intention, and to create lasting impact.

Assets allow you to do this.

Documenting your activities allows you create content at the same time as delivering for your customers. 

We work with you to create all of the following, schedule this content out for you, and report back with measurable information and statistics to help you further improve your marketing efforts.

Website / Blog

  • Full length written webpage or blog
    • Keyword Optimised
    • Featured Image
    • Embedded Video
    • Excerpt Creation
    • Optimised Social Sharing Preview


  •  YouTube : 
    • Full Length Video
      • Subtitled
      • Key Word Optimised
      • Shared
    • Added To Playlist
      • Key Word Optimised
  •  Google My Business : 
    • Image Updates
    • Event Updates

Facebook :

  • Full Length Video Post
    • Subtitled
    • Key Word Optimised
    • Subtitled
    • Shared
  • Facebook Note : Long Form Blog Style Update
  • Page Updates : Short Form Written Content
  • Page Updates : Short Form Written With Quote Images

LinkedIn :

  • Pulse Article : Blog Style Update
  • Page & Profile Updates : Short Form Written Content
  • Page & Profile Updates : Short Form Written With Quote Images

Medium :

  • Blog Style Article

 Twitter :

  • Short Form Text “Tweetables”
    • Hashtag Optimised
  • Image Quote Tweets
    • With Written Content
    • Hashtag Optimised


Instagram :

  • Instagram “Quote Images”
    • Full Length Written Content
    • Hashtag Optimised


  • Video Post
  • Image Posts
    • Links to original content / products

Why we are offering the Content Creation Machine

Our diverse team, with collective experience of over 70 years, have realised that streamlining the process for busy business owners, would allow them to excel both on and offline at the same time.

As such the
was born

How it works…

  1. We build you a custom content strategy .
  2. You then create high quality video content (under our guidance) in line with the content strategy.
    ( Highlighting your products, services and providing value to your customers )
  3. We then turn your video content into the full range of social content as listed above.
  4. That content is then scheduled to post out on your behalf, allowing you to focus on serving your customers and building your business.
  5. We then measure and actively improve your social content strategy.


content creation machine

Tristan Griffiths has been in business for 23 years and is a specialist in productivity & process creation and has streamlined processes and routes to market for businesses of all sizes, including BBC Australia & Microsoft amongst others.

Having saved a business in Australia over $20,000 in under 3 weeks and expanded a local events attendance by 500% in just 3 weeks, Tristan is all about finding the quickest and most effective bespoke method for each client to achieve their own definition of success.


Our specialist dedicated content creation machine team, headed up  by both Tristan & Louisa, are on hand to help you understand what makes great content, the types of video to record and how to leverage it to get the maximum value for money out of the service.


In the process of the Content Creation Machine, we utilise video content to allow the fast tracking of mass content creation. Lyn plays a pivotal role in helping our community to not only understand it’s real power, but also to overcome any fears they may face going live for the first time.

[ REST OF THE TEAM ] As well as Tristan, there is a specialist content creation team headed up by Louisa, who work hard behind the scenes ensuring your content is created, edited & scheduled efficiently, accurately –  in a timely manner.

This workforce is fully flexible, and scalable, meaning we can cater to large volumes of content as and when required.



The first point in making the content creation machine work for your business is that we need to define success.

This is so that the content we create together is focussed on achieving your goals, and helping to drive your business forward.


We have broken the whole process down to a per minute costing, based against the amount of original video content we help you to create.


Entrepreneurs, Sole Traders & Smaller Businesses can get away with lower levels of content averaging around 10 minutes per month.

Small – Medium Businesses and those with teams should look around 10 – 30 minutes per month.

Larger Businesses OR those wishing to achieve Fast Growth should be creating 60 minutes minimum per month

This will enable the various size businesses to allow us to then curate a FULL MONTH of content for their various social media platforms.

A pricing document can be found HERE which details the standard pricing in three currencies [ GBP • USD • AUD ] 

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PLEASE NOTE : That discounts are available for higher content creators – Please ask for details : CONTACT ITSNOMAD9

*   10 minutes of video is a low level output, we recommend a minimum of 30 for small to medium sized businesses and 60+ for larger organisations or those looking for fast growth.

** Bespoke solutions for each client this is an overview of what’s available, but we build to your specific requirements, based on your goals.