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Happy new year everyone. I wanted to come to you in the first day of 2021 with a very important message moving forward into a new year. 

Now, for some people it’s a big deal going into a brand new year, surviving 2020, getting to 2021. But the reality is I actually want to remind you it’s fairly arbitrary, the first of January.

Yes we can feel we got to a new year. Yes we can be moving in the right direction. But I really want to encourage you to understand that any single day of the week, any month, you can make a change in your business, you can pivot, you can change, you can adapt. And if anything, 2021 is going to be the opportunity for that! 

We’ve learned a lot from 2020, and moving forwards we’re going to need to change, we’re going to need to adapt, we’re going to need to look at the way that we do things. 

Maybe it’ll be in a brand new area of business; 

Maybe it’ll be looking at things in a new way;  

Approaching a new avenue of business. 

But whatever that looks like for you, I want to encourage you to approach it with a few key things. 

Whenever you’re creating content for social I want you to remember that people like connecting with people, and the reality is a lot of people don’t think content first. 

Think Content First

When you think about creating for your business, a lot of people that word ‘create’ stops people from actually documenting what they do in their business. 

There’s so much great conversation and knowledge shared throughout your business, you just don’t capture it. 

So right now, I’m talking in landscape and portrait at the same time and capturing a time lapse behind the scenes. Because I’m blessed enough to have a little bit more equipment, it’s easier. There are things you can do to repurpose and reuse your content, but you need to think content first.

When you’re thinking about that content first approach to anything, I’ve shared this with the people that we mentor, and the in some strategic consulting; 

When you’re having meetings, whether it’s with your team, or you’re doing free strategy consultations, maybe those are opportunities for you to create some of that great content, that conversational content. Where you’re answering questions and helping people. I want you to understand that you can leverage that as part of your content for marketing, why you’re the people that people should do business with. 

So think about that when you have a meeting; 

Do you record it? 

Whether that’s a video call and you’re doing that through Zoom or StreamYard, or any of the video platforms that you could be using to have that meeting, are you recording the meeting? 

Are you thinking ‘I might say something here in this meeting that lots of people need to know?’ I know for sure that there’s loads of bits I wish I’d captured throughout 2020, but moving through 2021 we’re putting it more in place to record more calls, more meetings. 

Obviously make sure that you’re being respectful of the people that you’re having meetings with, getting permission or using the bits that are just non-sensitive, and the bits that are just you speaking. So it’s your knowledge, it’s your expertise and you’re just capturing it in a real live environment. 

So if you want to create content at scale, if you want to be more like @GaryVee, have that visibility, that bigger output for your social content, you need to think about being content first. 

When you go into a meeting, whether that’s an in-person post-covid, is there an opportunity to capture anything there? Whether that’s a photo, a video, some audio, can you capture it in the moment? 

You need to document rather than create, and that’s going to make your life a whole lot easier. You can’t go back and retrospectively capture that content, so I want to encourage you to be content first and focus on that content. 

Focus on the good

Now, as we go through 2021, I want you to take the learning from 2020 of focusing on the good. You could have looked at the global pandemic, you could have looked at all the bad things going on around the world or, you could have focused on the fact that there’s so much good; Time with the family, reconnecting with old friends, moving away from social media and spending some time focusing on you and your own well-being. And I want you to take that forward into 2021. I want to focus on that good, and bring it into your business.

ItsNomad9 is a business for good, we work with B1G1, where every time someone spends money with us, we give back to good causes. We use 10% of our income to do that. We want to have a massive global impact and help those people who so desperately need it, even outside of a global pandemic. And I want to invite you to do the same thing! 

You don’t have to do the same level, you don’t have to do it the same way. 

But I implore you, please, use your business as a force for good. 

Opportunities Are Everywhere 

When you move forwards, moving through 2021, I want you to understand that opportunities are everywhere. When the global pandemic hit lots of businesses closed their doors, lots of people got put on furlough. But the reality is there were still opportunities. 

People went in different directions, they diversified, and they tried to do new things. 

Those were the people who saw the opportunity. 

I want you to see the opportunity that lies ahead in front of you. 

As you move forward throughout 2021 opportunities will come up all the time, you just have to be ready for them. Many people miss great opportunities because they’re simply not ready to grab them as they come past. 

I want you to be prepared;

I want you to be ready; 

I want you to have that ‘flex space’ that allows you to move when an opportunity comes along. 

Stay Available For New Opportunities

It might not be something that’s planned, but there is great opportunity happening all the time, around all of us. So keep some capacity to be able to take up new opportunities that you can’t forecast. I also want you to look at building out great opportunities for yourself, connecting with people. 

I know for one, that I’ve already connected with a couple of great people through a brand new app, that a lot of people are only just getting into now, because it’s in BETA, and it’s invite only. And it’s called Clubhouse! 

It’s about getting involved, it’s having a conversation and it’s audio only. 

But listening, seeing how you can get involved in the conversation, how you can help people.

Stripping away what someone looks like & what they’re showing off. 

Of course in conversation people can still brag, and they can still show off, but it’s stripped a lot of that away being audio only. It’s allowed some real authentic connection, and I know that it’s a great place for you to seek out opportunity. 

So have a look at where those opportunities are. 

Plan every conversation to be; 

‘Can I generate content from this?’ 

Could it be a blog, a video, a status update, a photo, a screen capture?  

Maybe sharing some slides? 

No matter what situation it is, there’s an opportunity to create content from it. 

As I mentioned at the beginning, right now I’m currently recording in landscape and portrait, and I have a time lapse running. This means I’m creating three unique pieces of content at the same time. 

They’re both in full resolution landscape and portrait. 

There’s no cropping down, there’s no getting too close in. 

It is specifically set up for that. 

So whenever you have a meeting;

Whenever you’re presenting;

Whenever you’re doing anything in your business;

Think ‘could this be an opportunity for me to create content?’ 

And if it is… think about ‘How would I create content?’ 

And more importantly; “How would I use that content to then drive my business forward, showcase my skills, and connect with my audience, and serve them better?”

A conversation you have with one client could benefit your whole audience. 

So think about that when you’re thinking about your content. In order to do this you need to set up great systems. If you don’t have great systems in place, you can record all this great content and it will never get out there! 

I would argue that Amazon’s key winning strategy is their delivery, rather than their use of all of these providers to provide all of the different things you want. If they couldn’t get it to you quickly, would it be as impactful? I would argue that their delivery system, their network that gets the item from wherever it is to you as quickly as possible, is arguably one of their best features. It’s the reason there’s so many Prime users that pay an additional premium to get faster delivery. 

If you create your content, and you don’t get it published, it’s not worth anything! 

Because no one can connect with it. 

No one can learn from it. 

And you’re not going to build any new relationships. 

So really build those great systems to create content, to document, but more importantly to syndicate it, publish it and connect with your audience. 

If you’re not sure how to do that then don’t be afraid in 2021, whatever anybody else tells you, do not be afraid to get help! 

We work with a number of different businesses, from single entrepreneurs, to larger organisations, helping them to create content, repurpose it, and to syndicate it and get it out there. 

Like I said, the content is no good unless you’re getting it out! 

If you don’t know what kind of content to do, then have a conversation. I’m more than happy to jump on a 20-minute strategy with you, and help you build a plan that will set you up for 2021. 

Visit and you can grab a FREE 20-minute appointment with me in my calendar. 

I look forward to helping you build out an amazing strategy for 2021, specifically for your business. To build content that is valuable, useful, and helps you to build your business for 2021.

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