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In the current state that we’re in, digital marketing is one of the most effective and efficient ways you can market. Unlike traditional media you are not putting content out and just broadcasting without being able to track and measure the metrics. In digital marketing you can track and measure pretty much every part of the interaction. 


With video content you can;  

  • See how long people watch for
  • Understand what the retention rate was
  • Look at how much it’s been shared 

So there’s so much data available to you when you are looking at the marketing side of your digital media and your content creation. 


When you create good content and you track and measure the analytics that sit behind it, you can tweak, improve and enhance the whole process and workflow. 


We specialise in doing this with our clients and doing it with our own content. 


The very reason you’re seeing this webpage, listening to this audio or watching this video is because we’ve looked at the most effective, productive and efficient workflow for our business which is called The Content Creation Machine


It’s a thing that we do ItsNomad9 where we do it for ourselves and we do it for our clients, allowing you to unlock the knowledge that’s in your head via video and to create a whole load of digital assets;

  • In written form
  • In audio form 
  • In visual form

So when you’re looking at the marketing side of things, you need to really focus in on how you deliver to show up where people want to do business with you. 


The marketing element of your digital media, of your content creation, of your social presence is really about showing up for your customers and clients, for prospects, to be visible to people who don’t even know about you yet. 


All the time, because of the content that we put out, we have people come to us and talk about what we are offering. They want to know more, they want to ask questions. And because we have access through our FREE 20 minute social strategy calls, it allows people to tap into that and find out more. 


Without the content and that marketing, it wouldn’t work. 


So creating great content will serve your marketing goals better when you know what the outcome is you’re looking for. 


Starting with the end in mind – I’m going to give a massive shout-out and a hat tip to a good friend of mine Brian Fanzo who uses the phrase “What does success look like?” 


What does success look like, allows you to define what the outcome is you’re looking for and then to build every step along the way to get you to that outcome. 


I’m from a hospitality industry career for over a decade, and that’s made me much more customer service and customer experience focused. 


When we build strategy with our clients and for our own business, it is all about the user experience; 

  • How can I make that the very best experience? 
  • How can I amaze and wow that customer, client or prospect? 

You should do the same thing. Your marketing should speak directly to problems that people have, and provide them with solutions. 


The sales process becomes really easy when you are providing exactly what people are looking for, at the time that they’re looking. 


Creating content as part of your marketing strategy, allows you to show up consistently, regularly and in a timely fashion online when people need you. 


One thing about content creation and marketing, is content creation is a long game. You’re creating content that will serve your business far beyond the amount of time it takes you to create; 


  • It’s free
  • It’s organic 
  • It allows you to show up and be present even when you are not online. 

Whether it’s a podcast, a video, written format or audio – whatever format you are currently using, the content you create can be there as a digital asset for people to tap into and to choose to consume and do business with you. 


The more that people consume the more they get to know you, your business, your brand and the solutions that you provide. When they do that they can make a more informed decision and the marketing really starts to work. People choose to do business with you. 


Remember that if you’re not doing this you’re missing the opportunity.


Content creation and having content marketing as part of your marketing mix is unlike paid advertising. Paid advertising is a thing where yes you can accelerate the process. Yes you can get far more targeted, but you are paying for those interactions. 


If you do a really good job with your organic and your content creation and your content marketing, you will get in front of people for free for longer. 


With paid advertising it is accelerated, it is more targeted. With content marketing in your marketing mix it is there to allow people to access it when they want to access it, rather than paid advertising which is a push, content marketing is a pull. 


At the time they’re searching, they will find your content online and they will consume it and then they will reach out to you. It is easier to connect with and make a sale to someone who is coming to you, than it is when you are approaching them. 


When you pay for advertising you don’t know if it’s the right time for the customer, with content marketing that people find through searches and through sharing in the social space.


It might just be that that is the exact moment that they’re searching and they’re looking for a solution. And if your content is there and available to them, they are going to make a purchase. 


It’s going to help you grow your business. 

It is a fundamental part of your marketing. 

If you’re not focused on creating valuable content that serves your audience online right now – stop, take stock and start to focus in on your content creation for your marketing. 


It doesn’t take a massive amount of time, a lot of the clients we work with for The Content Creation Machine actually spend as little as 30 minutes a month sharing their knowledge in short bite-sized videos, and creating blogs, social media updates and other content off the back of it.


It’s about having a good process and making it work for you. 


Content creation has to be a core part of your marketing strategy and your marketing mix, otherwise you will be reliant on paying to attract customers. 


There’s a place for paid advertising, there’s a time for paid advertising, but content creation will allow you to do content marketing which is free, organic and serves your customers, your clients and your prospects at the perfect time when they are doing research, when they are ready to make a purchase decision. 


When you show up in that timely manner people will connect with you, your business and your brand and your marketing will really start to work. 


If you want to get your head a little bit more around this marketing and content creation as part of your marketing, please do reach out to me connect with me as @ImTristanG across all the socials. 


Book a time to have a 20 minute chat with me completely for FREE, no upsell, by going to and I look forward to helping you to make sure that your content creation is a key part of your effective and efficient marketing strategy moving forwards. 

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