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Now this is a topic that comes up a lot, and it’s not just Instagram stories, this is also relevant to the likes of Snapchat and TikTok which are also relevant platforms right now. 


But one of the things that you need to consider for stories, which appear across a whole range of different social platforms including Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, is that they are different in the fact that you are currently watching a landscape piece of content, but stories are a vertical format. 


Instead of being 16:9 format they are 9:16, so they are in a vertical format. They are a form of vertical storytelling. 


When we’re looking at editing content, content creation and video editing for Instagram stories, TikTok, Snapchat, Facebook stories, you need to be thinking about;  


Is this going to be used in a vertical format? ’ 


Right now, this would be quite difficult because if I was to cut this video to use it vertically, it would be really tight in on my head, because it will be one third of the screen. 


Would also not be great resolution because I have not shot it intentionally for that platform. 


If I was to step back, now I’m much more easily going to be able to repurpose this middle piece and put it out onto Instagram stories. 


[ So massive shout to you if you’re watching this in vertical format on one of the other platforms.


You notice that when you move around and you create content, you get to choose how you’re going to use it. 


I’ve done some great content on repurposing and distribution; go check that out on if you’re watching this anywhere except for the website. 


Otherwise there’ll be links directly below this to those pieces of content.


When you’re creating that content, make sure that you’re thinking about how it’s going to be used; 


  • Is it going to be vertical format? 
  • Is it going to be for stories? 
  • How am I going to show up on those platforms and distribute the content? 


Some people like to have everything really clean and really polished and pre-curated when they put their stories together. 


Other people (like me) like to show behind the scenes. I will literally grab my phone, and I will record myself talking, and that is how I do my Instagram stories – raw and authentic


I want to show people really how easy this can be. 


So if you’re creating content for Instagram stories, if you’re editing content for Instagram stories, things you need to remember. 


The content that you’re putting into Instagram stories;

  • The stories format is 15 seconds on Instagram
  • It’s in vertical video format
  • If you’re repurposing a piece of content from landscape, make sure that you put yourself into a position where it will naturally be easier to cut yourself and put yourself in a vertical format for stories. 
  • Be intentional with how you create content. 


You don’t need to get complicated with any of this, there are loads of different ways to create content into stories. 


You can use lots of editing programs. But ultimately a lot of the platforms themselves allow you to drop content into them and edit them in the platform. 


After all Instagram used to be a photo editing app – that was what it was initially created as, and it still has a number of features for editing within the platform, for cropping, for moving. for resizing. 


So have a look at the ways you can do it within the platform, before you go investing, maybe spending money, on other tools. 


Some people love to enhance their stories, and if you do, there’s loads of different things out there. 


I’m not going to push you towards a specific download of an app or a program that you can use to create those stories because ultimately it’s down to you whether you want to have raw and authentic content. you’ve created or maybe even edited but haven’t put all the flashy swipes and surrounds on, or whether you do want to do that. 


Some people find it easier to have a timeline of what they’re gonna do and how they’re going to create that content. 


Ultimately your strategy and why you’re showing up on that platform &  doing stories will ultimately change why you edit in a certain way for your Instagram stories, or for Tik-Tok, or for Snapchats, or for Facebook.


Right now for Instagram stories it is a hot hot platform. 


If you’re not already using it, it appears at the top of the feed. 

You can see it when you log into Instagram across the top, there’s a whole load of circles that are all of the current stories. 


The more you update your story the closer to the beginning of that list you will appear. 


When you do that you become more visible to other people, they can get to your story, they can consume that content and they’re much more likely to reach out and have a conversation with you. 


So when you come to editing for Instagram stories, make sure you consider;

  1. Vertical video (or if you’re shooting them in landscape, setting yourself up to be able to edit more easily for vertical video to use in the story format later)
  2. Think about the length of the content you’re gonna create.
    (You could create back-to-back pieces of content of 15 seconds each to tell a story. Or you might create individual standalone pieces of content) 


Ultimately you’re the only person who can decide what that looks like for your business or brand. But if you want some help getting your head around the best way to do that for your business, I would love to jump on a call with you. 


You can book one in twenty minutes completely for FREE with me, grab twenty minutes, let’s get together there’s no upsell, I’m not trying to sell you anything, it’s completely FREE. 


I want to help you to get your head around how you can use instagram stories, what program you would use to edit it and I’ll give you all that in that call.


I’ll show you the right tools for your application of instagram stories and editing. 


So today, start creating content for instagram stories, don’t get caught up too much in how you gonna edit it, but let’s have a conversation and let’s see how we can help you start leveraging instagram stories to make your digital marketing efforts much more effective and to connect you with a whole new audience.

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