Content Creation & Curation

When people come to look at content creation, it can be overwhelming. There are so many factors to consider;


  • What format?
  • What platforms?
  • How do I come up with the topics?
  • How do I know they’re gonna resonate with people?


And it can become a mammoth task. 

So I want to break down content creation for you into a much more easily digestible format.


When you think about creating content, think about how you can show up to help serve your audience, your customers, your clients, your suppliers, your network; whatever phrase you use to describe, the people that you serve, and that you help online. 


THAT is why you’re creating content!


You don’t have to create every single piece of content as a unique piece of content.

Quite often people need to hear things more than once in order to learn from them. 


You also don’t need to create everything yourself. 

There is an abundance of information and content already out on the Internet. One of the great ways to be more productive when you are looking at the content creation for your business is to focus more on curation than creation. 


If you don’t know what curation is, curation is a way to bring together information that already exists. But when you curate content, pay attention to who that information comes from. 


  • Make sure that you acknowledge those people. 
  • Also add your own unique perspective. 
  • Add in a commentary, and your thoughts about whatever that topic is that you’ve covered from someone else’s content. 


Content curation can be a really quick way to get the ball rolling for you in your business and industry. 


There are plenty of people within your industry, no doubt, putting content out onto the internet already. Whether that’s videos, whether that’s blogs, whether that’s just social status updates. You can get involved in that conversation. 


When you’re looking at content creation, it is about making sure that you are building around the three E’s. 


  1. Engagement
  2. Education 
  3. Entertainment. 


In order to create an ecosystem where people are consuming the content that you are creating, you need to engage with people. 


So when you’re looking at curating content and bringing other people’s content into your ecosystem. Giving a commentary on it and adding your own value to that, be sure to go and have conversation on their content too. 


  • Don’t just repurpose it. 
  • Go and share your thoughts back where the original content happened. 
  • Acknowledge them, let them know that you’ve taken some of their content, and that you’ve shared it with your audience. 
  • You’re helping them ultimately to grow their audience.
  • In the same way that their content is helping you to serve your audience. 


When you look at content creation and content curation, the two things go hand in hand. 

The most basic way to do content creation is through curation. 


If you look at content curation – bringing other people’s content to your audience, giving a commentary, adding value – this is one of the easiest ways to focus in on getting content creation moving forwards by using content curation. 


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