Content Creation Business Models

There’s loads of people offering content creation services, content creation and advice and therefore you have to consider content creation business models. 

People who are offering advice for content creation need to consider the person that they’re serving. 

Different businesses; industries, and sizes of organisations need different strategies and  different methodologies. They also need different types of content and they need to connect in a different way. 

There isn’t a blanket answer, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all model. 

When you’re looking to plan for businesses for content creation, you need to look at what’s the best strategy in that moment for that business. And even the same businesses over time will need a different content creation strategy, and content creation business models. 

If you’re someone who works as an agency providing content creation services or social media services, please look at your business model. Please look at how you can help others uniquely where they are. Don’t go in with a all guns blazing, loads of solutions and throw everything at them, because it can be confusing and overwhelming. 

For us ItsNomad9 we specialise in removing the overwhelm from social media content creation and live-streaming. We’re so focused on removing that overwhelm. 

Please also look in your business model about the services that you provide, and the accessibility to the training or the services that you’re providing. 

If you’re only serving high-end clients obviously your price point is going to be much higher. If you’re trying to service small to medium businesses, entrepreneurs, solo business owners then you need to keep the price point at a point that reflects that. 

I’m not saying you have to be cheap in order to work with those people, I’m just reminding you that you have to work within the wheelhouse with which you have the specialist area. 

So when you’re looking at the business model for;

  • Delivering content creation
  • Creating business strategies 
  • Implementing that content creation for people, with people or assisting and advising them

Your business model has to reflect the outcomes for the people that you’re serving. 

Content creation isn’t a one-size-fits-all. 

It isn’t a blanket solution for everyone. 

There isn’t an exact process that works for every business. 

That being said there are ways to create content, there is a process that you can follow, because the variable in the process is your knowledge. It’s your expertise, it’s the questions that you’re answering and the solutions that you’re providing. 

But as a strategy and how you deliver it, what platforms, where you go, who you’re connecting with, have to change. They have to diversify, they have to adapt depending on the people that you’re serving, and the people that business that you’re helping, who they’re serving. 

You have to make it a bespoke offering. 

The business model for content creation has to be a bespoke offering for every customer and client.

If you want to go down the route of helping, advising and having that blanket overview what’s currently happening, then similar to us, where we have our FREE Social Media Training For Business (Global) Facebook group, which can go and check out at 

It’s completely free

The model there is that we are sharing what’s going on on social media, what has changed, how it affects you, and how you can benefit from that change. 

That is acceptable, in a business model for content creation, in the fact that we’re delivering blanket advice to people in a FREE service. 

Now it could be that that’s an access service, where people are paying maybe a monthly subscription where you’re keeping them up to date with what’s happening and what’s changing, that’s fine. That’s absolutely okay. 

But when you’re going to the point of delivering the content creation services, or the advice and strategy around what businesses should create in order to get results online, you really need to nail down and focus the right type of strategy for each business. And remember that will change, that will adapt and it will evolve over time. 

So when you do content creation business planning please make sure that you consider all of these things. 

If you want to have a chat with me you can connect with me at to get a FREE 20 min strategy call, or connect with me as @ImTristanG across all the socials, and I look forward to helping you build a content creation business plan, that will really help serve your business.

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