Content Creation Benefits

When we talk about content creation you need to consider why you’re creating content in the first place. 

We always say;

What does success look like?’

Think about the end in mind.

But what are the benefits of creating content? 

Ultimately the content that you put out on the web is what’s going to serve you long term. Content creation, content curation and developing online content is all about showing up, and answering, and solving problems. So answer questions. Solve problems for your customers, your clients and your prospects.

Ultimately content creation being a long game, you need to create content consistently, regularly and you need to build and develop on it.

So what are the real benefits of doing content creation? 

Content creation is something that you will invest an amount of time into, maybe you’ll work with an agency and you’ll maybe invest some money into creating a certain type of content. 

But the investment that you make is small compared to the outcomes that you can get when you do content creation well. 

The benefits that sit behind content creation is that it is something that appears online in the digital marketing space, on the internet, on websites, on social media sites that will serve you and your business long term. 

It allows you to show up 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year even when you are not physically working. 

Content creation and the content that you produce are actually a digital assets that allow people to discover you, your products, your services. To understand better what you can provide, how you can help and what they can buy from you. 

Content creations benefits far outweigh the amount of time investment and financial investment in order to create them. 

[ Provided that you are working to a solid strategy behind your content creation. ]  

Here on this website on if you’re watching this video somewhere else – there’ll be a link next to this for the website. You can go and you can have a look at all of the different things that we’re talking about around content creation. 

As a digital marketing agency specialise in helping people to create content that really delivers results. 

We’re removing the overwhelm from content creation and digital marketing and that content creation has to have a solid strategy. 

You have to have a plan, you have to invest time, sometimes you invest money and that’s sometimes in an agency or in someone to help you to produce that content. 

Sometimes that’s literally in equipment to allow you to produce new types of content. But you don’t need to make a big investment!
The time investment is what absolutely matters at the first point. 

Even if you’re a solo business owner or an entrepreneur, you can get started using nothing but your smartphone. 

I’m creating the content, and all of the web pages that we’re using here are using my smartphone. 

Yes I’m lucky in the fact that I’ve got wireless microphones, and I’ve got stands and iOgraphers that we use to mount these. But you don’t need all this big expensive equipment in order to do it. 

The benefit of content creation is you can do it anywhere, provided you have a smart device and an internet connection to upload that content – you can start creating today. 

The benefits are as follows: 

  1. It is free on entry level to start creating content.
    Even if you didn’t have a smartphone, if you didn’t have anything, you’d be able to go to somewhere like a library or an internet cafe or something like that, and you’d be able to access the internet and maybe start creating some posts, writing some blogs, contributing. You don’t need to invest into a website, you could actually be creating content in a social media platform that is free to use.
    So think about the free entry point, it’s easy and more accessible than it’s ever been. 
  2. Accessibility
    More than ever, you’ve had more places to post your content, more places to go and connect with other people and to start delivering what you do as a business, the solutions, the answers to problems. The accessibility has never been a much more easily accessible state, right. You can now access platforms that you never had before. You used to have to code to build a website, you used to have to do lots of different bits and pieces to you on the first social platforms. Now you’ve got wide range of social platforms, you’ve got website builders that a literally drag and drop, so it’s easier than it’s ever been. There are people there to support you. 
  3. There’s always people there to support you and resources available to you.
    YouTube is the second biggest search engine in the world for a very good reason in the fact that it’s a good place to go to watch a video and learn practically how to do something. 
  4. Content creation’s benefits massively outweigh the time investment and the financial investment
    But you do have to make an investment in your content creation in order to reap the benefits. 

So many people are focused on the return on investment or the ROI of content creation, but remember it’s a long game. 

We’re looking at a lifetime of customer, we’re looking at the longevity of content that we create today that serves our purpose, serves our business, serves our customers, clients and prospects long term. 

So think about how much benefit you can get from a blog that you write well today, that is there forever on the internet for people to go and read. To understand the level of knowledge that you have, the service and the solutions that you can provide, and that they can make educated, informed decisions to do business with you. 

The benefits of content creation massively outweigh the time and financial investment. 

If you want to talk a little bit about how you can get the most out of the benefits of social content creation, please do book a time to chat with me. Book 20 minutes for FREE. 

You can jump in my calendar over at and if you just want to fling me a quick message you can connect with me as @ImTristanG across all the socials, let’s have a conversation where you most like to hang out.

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