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Let’s take a deeper look at content creation & copywriting.

I get asked all the time about content creation and copywriting and whether we should be employing people who are doing copywriting, or if we should be looking at ways to create content that are more unique and authentic to us. 

Now for us ItsNomad9 we use the Content Creation Machine. 

Just in the same way we wrote this web page, we create video and we’re taking;

  • Your unique sound
  • Your unique voice
  • Your unique wording and how you present 

…and turning that into your copy. 

When I talk about copy, I’m talking about the words that appear on a page. 

That might be; 

  • On a book page
  • On a web page
  • In a download
  • In an email

Copy literally refers to the words that appear in the written format. 

So when you talk about copywriting, these are opportunities to write good quality copy. Copywriting is actually now a profession. It’s a job where people are really good at articulating ideas and concepts, in order to relay that information and communicate it well to other people. 

In this day and age where audio is much more relevant, video is much more relevant, and now we live in a world where there are voice-activated devices – one issue you can face with going down the route of copywriting, rather than authentically writing content yourself or doing it with something like the Content Creation Machine, is that that copy might start not to sound like you, your business and your brand. 

When you think about copywriting, you need to consider; 

  • What do I want to say? 
  • How do I want to show up? 
  • What should that wording sound like? 

When you’re creating the copy, or the written word, for your web pages, for your books, for your downloads, and for your email sequences. Wherever you’re putting that written content, think about how much it sounds like you. 

Ultimately people are consuming your content in various different formats, especially the written format in order to learn more about you, your products, your services, and most importantly to get to know you; 

  • What you’re like 
  • What differentiates you and what sets you apart

If they can’t do that from the copy, it’s going to be hard to differentiate between you and other people. 

So when you’re doing content creation, and you’re thinking about the copywriting side of it, think how important it is to show up as authentically as possible and to speak in the way that you speak. 

There’s nothing worse than encountering copy on a site, in an email, or in a communication, where it doesn’t really give you an impression of the person that you would ultimately be doing business with. 

Ultimately people buy from people, and when you show up authentically as yourself, and you speak the way that you speak, and you deliver how you deliver – that is part of the reason people will do business with you. 

In the same way I’m doing this with video, using the audio and the written format back from this, it’s authentically me showing up for ItsNomad9. The copywriting element of this is the words that I am speaking. 

One of the things about copywriting is that a lot of people get writer’s block when they sit down to write content, or copy for written format. 

In a conversation it’s very rare that someone will ever get writer’s block. They won’t stop mid-sentence, very rarely. And so therefore video is a much more productive, a much more efficient way to create copy written content. 

The other consideration is the use of voice technologies like Alexa and Google and Siri, where they are reading copy or written word back to people in a voice format. If it’s too copy written, it can start to sound robotic rather than human. 

Ultimately people want to buy from other people, and they want to get to know you. So think about when that’s read back, what would it sound like if it is over copy written? 

Content creation should represent the very best version of you. And I’m not saying you shouldn’t correct things, in the same way I will probably have corrected some of the parts of this from the video back into the written format. However you do need to show up as the best version of you, so that people can get to know you, understand what you offer and really realise that you’re the right person that they want to do business with. 

So when it comes to content creation and copywriting, focus more on being yourself and presenting what you have to offer and ways that you can help people as a higher priority than making sure that the wording is absolutely perfect. 

Ultimately the wording will help you to be discovered and copy is one of the things that helps with people finding you online, through search engine optimisation, or through content where they might be searching on social platforms – the copy, the written word, is the way that they will discover you. But ultimately what is contained within that copy, within that written word, is why they will do business with you or not.

So show up, be yourself, don’t overthink it and find the best way for you to deliver that content. 

If you want to know more about how we did this, you can message us through Facebook or drop us an email, the details will be on the website here. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this, and I hope it’s been useful to you. 

[ Don’t forget if you’re watching this over on YouTube, we are using this as an example we are running at the moment, through recreating our website from scratch. We literally have one page on it and we’re doing 72 hours, 144 topics to build a website from scratch around the core topics that we cover which is content creation.  If you want to see more please do jump over to and let us know what you think in three days time.] 

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