Community Guidelines

Human readable community guidelines


  • Be a great member of the community and take part as much as possible.
  • Make time to engage in the community and you will see quicker and better results.
  • Be a CAN DO not and EXCUSES person and make it happen – We are all backing you.
  • Post any questions directly in the group, and the team will answer them to help you and everyone else.
  • No question is a stupid question – Others in the group probably want to know the same things, so ask away.
  • If you are still unsure, you can message the team at and they will respond to the enquiry back in the group.
  • Be supportive of other members of our great business communities & share your knowledge with them too in the groups! 🙏
  • This is a NO NEGATIVITY ZONE – Think, if it’s not nice, don’t post it!
  • Remember this is a private group, please do not repost the content outside of the group.
  • The bigger we get the better it is for everyone, so as you get value from the group, please do recommend the service to your friends.


  • Membership is payable one month in advance in order to obtain access to all services.
  • Responsibility for your engagement and posts lies solely with you.
  • We reserve the right to remove any content not in line with these guidelines.
  • Break the rules and expect to be removed from the groups.
  • Should you wish to cancel we require 30 days notice to process this cancellation.
    Please refer this to the whole team for efficient processing here :
  • Refer back to this page regularly to see if there have been any updates.


  • We will look to deliver as promised, and also continually improve our service in line with your ongoing feedback.
  • Services are all provided in good faith, on an as is basis, after receipt of membership payments.
  • The team will always endeavour to answer any questions you have as quickly as possible
    • Please direct these to them through the group
    • Or privately through
  • ItsNomad9 reserve the right to revoke membership at any point without prior warning for any believed breach of these terms or potential risk to any of our other members.

You must always also comply with all of our Terms Of Service 

LAST UPDATED : 13th April 2018