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SOCIAL PROOF is Amplification Of Word Of Mouth!

People who do really well on services like Etsy, eBay & Amazon have a really slick process for getting reviews and

Think about your process are you asking your customers to give you feedback?
Are you making it easy for them?

There’s a really easy way to leverage your existing customers to get more customers.

Testimonials and reviews online allow you to do this!

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Google My Business

Google My Business Post

Google My Business Post

GREAT NEWS : Now you can publish Google My Business Post

A lot of people find Facebook as their GO TO for promoting their business with updates etc, but Google My Business Post options could change that!!

⚠️ Remember that people looking on Google search are much more READY TO BUY, unlike on Facebook where you have to SELL TO THEM ⚠️

Being able to post offers, event and promotions directly into search could be a HUGE game changer for many local businesses, as it will increase their visibility in local search.

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