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Removing Social Media Overwhelm

With so many platforms and content options, it’s important not to get consumed, so Tristan assists managers, teams and local business owners in removing social media overwhelm. With a clear plan and some clear strategy, anyone can be up and running with creating content without it taking over completely.

Listen To ImTristanG Live At Corby Business Network :

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Live Video

Hello everyone.
I’m Tristan Griffiths and this is
We’re a digital media agency that really put social at the core.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about why making live video is a priority for your business right now.

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Facebook Camera And Event Filters // Frames

In order to encourage people to use the Facebook Camera more at events, they have allowed businesses to create very Snpachat-esque filter and framing system – with AR capabilities!

Start Today & create art people can use in their photos and videos


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SOCIAL PROOF is Amplification Of Word Of Mouth!

People who do really well on services like Etsy, eBay & Amazon have a really slick process for getting reviews and

Think about your process are you asking your customers to give you feedback?
Are you making it easy for them?

There’s a really easy way to leverage your existing customers to get more customers.

Testimonials and reviews online allow you to do this!

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How To Link Facebook Group to Page

Link Facebook Group to Page

Linking Facebook Group To Facebook Page

A recent addition to the Facebook design that they are currently pushing, allows you to link your Facebook Group to your Facebook Page allowing you to :

  • Add links to your groups on your page
  • Comment in your groups as your page
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Google My Business

Google My Business Post

Google My Business Post

GREAT NEWS : Now you can publish Google My Business Post

A lot of people find Facebook as their GO TO for promoting their business with updates etc, but Google My Business Post options could change that!!

⚠️ Remember that people looking on Google search are much more READY TO BUY, unlike on Facebook where you have to SELL TO THEM ⚠️

Being able to post offers, event and promotions directly into search could be a HUGE game changer for many local businesses, as it will increase their visibility in local search.

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