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Digital Jedi, Chief Innovation Officer & Inspirational Educator :
Tristan Griffiths has been public speaking, building teams & increasing productivity in one form or another for over a decade now. First and foremost in his own life, but more recently in the lives & businesses of those he consults with.

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He helps to make people more productive and allow them time to do the things they would rather be doing. Or the things that help them achieve fast growth in their businesses.

Today Tristan focusses on helping others, by teaching & educating via live video. He is also working towards the goal of helping over a million people, and greatly enjoys making as many public speaking appearances as possible, in order to fast track that goal, by addressing larger numbers at conferences, team trainings, networking events and seminars.

Tristan’s keynote for public speaking engagements cover a range of topics.

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Having been in business since age twelve, Tristan is driven by helping others. Analysing and refining (hacking) their systems and processes to increase productivity and allow them to make better use of their time.

Having built a brand from zero to 0 – 3m audience, partnering with Microsoft, Proof Drinks & Merlin Entertainments – all within 9 months, Tristan is keen to help others achieve similar results with SIMPLE & ACTIONABLE ADVICE.

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Removing Social Media Overwhelm

With so many platforms and content options, it’s important not to get consumed, so Tristan assists managers, teams and local business owners in removing social media overwhelm. With a clear plan and some clear strategy, anyone can be up and running with creating content without it taking over completely.

Listen To ImTristanG Live At Corby Business Network :

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Productivity Public Speaking Tristan Griffiths

25 Mins On Productivity by #ImTristanG || Tristan Griffiths

25 Mins On Productivity

[ Recorded LIVE at The Ladies Networking Lunch, at The Garlic Farm, Isle Of Wight on 18th May 2017 ]

Tristan Griffiths, alongside mother and business partner Lyn Blackledge were asked to step in and cover for a speaker at the last minute, as so Tristan decided to attempt to increase the productivity of the room by 400% in under 25 minutes. Did he do it…?

Watch and find out…

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Public Speaking Tristan Griffiths

⚠️ Don’t waste you time or money! BBXUK || #ItsNomad9 🤓

It was a real pleasure to present and talk about social media marketing and productivity to a great network of local business owners in Bournemouth on Wednesday 12th July at Troys Turkish Restaurant, thanks to BBX UK.

This short talk demonstrates what you can do with digital & social media and how a few tweaks in your productivity can vastly improve & streamline your workflow, and increase your bottom line!

As they say – you don’t know what you don’t know! So why not take a listen and see what tips you can pick up…. 🤓

Please do share as you never know who in your network or community may need to hear this message today! 🙌

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