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Removing Social Media Overwhelm

With so many platforms and content options, it’s important not to get consumed, so Tristan assists managers, teams and local business owners in removing social media overwhelm. With a clear plan and some clear strategy, anyone can be up and running with creating content without it taking over completely.

Listen To ImTristanG Live At Corby Business Network :

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25 Mins On Productivity by #ImTristanG || Tristan Griffiths

25 Mins On Productivity

[ Recorded LIVE at The Ladies Networking Lunch, at The Garlic Farm, Isle Of Wight on 18th May 2017 ]

Tristan Griffiths, alongside mother and business partner Lyn Blackledge were asked to step in and cover for a speaker at the last minute, as so Tristan decided to attempt to increase the productivity of the room by 400% in under 25 minutes. Did he do it…?

Watch and find out…

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Live Video

Hello everyone.
I’m Tristan Griffiths and this is
We’re a digital media agency that really put social at the core.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about why making live video is a priority for your business right now.

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PayPal joins Uber and Airbnb

Finally following suit to the advocacy economy, PayPal has incentivised referring your friends and family!

Okay so PayPal is not working directly with Uber and Airbnb, but they are using a very similar tactic that helped successfully grow both of these big technology brands! 🤓

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Smart phone accessibility for success : Top Three Tips

There is a whole range of things you’re smart phone can-do, if you set up correctly. Smart phone accessibility for success : Top Three Tips

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What is productivity? My Take

Many people consider productivity to be a specific set of processes. I personally believe that productivity is a mindset, it is more the way you look at achieving a set of given tasks.

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