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So this video was recorded live during #BreakfastAndBusiness, this is a series that we do live six days a week, Monday through Saturday at 8am across all our socials, you can find them by looking up @ImTristanG across all the different social platforms or following the hashtag #BreakfastAndBusiness. 

Now we set ourselves the challenge this week of creating content live during the sessions; 

I know, what could possibly go wrong?

But here’s the reason, we tell people and we teach people, six days a week on live for half an hour every morning, and we let them go off and do it on their own.

Now I wanted to encourage people to see how it’s done behind the scenes.

So right now we’re live on Instagram live, we’re on Twitch, we’re on Periscope, we’re on Twitter, we’re on YouTube, we’re on Facebook, but I’m talking to you guys on a recorded video.

This is where it all starts…

So many people overthink it and over complicate the process, when you fall into that trap, you stop yourself from creating content.

Content creation is more about documentation, and everybody has a broadcast studio in their pocket right now.

If you have a smartphone, if you’re watching this on your smartphone, you already have all the tools and kit that you might possibly need in order to best leverage this.

So make sure that when you are thinking about doing content creation, just think about the camera and the microphone that you have already in your pocket.

Don’t get caught up with buying extra kit;
Lights and microphones and things additionally.
Get started and then improve.

You can invest into kit when you’re ready, but there’s no necessity to start with amazing kit.

Everybody looks at people like Gary Vaynerchuk, you can find him by looking up @GaryVee the handle online, and you might want to look back to wine library episode one, because everybody looks at @GaryVee or Gary Vaynerchuk online today and they want that result.

The reality is, if you look back to Wine Library episode 1, that’s where his journey started with video. And when you look at the content that he has there, it was more about getting started than the professional output.

Screen Shot 2020 09 22 At 08.36.15

So when you go back and you compare to his step one, you’re starting today, so today is your step one.

Get started and improve along the way. You can’t expect to be at the same place that he is, when he’s put 15/16 years into the practice of developing video, when he has a whole team around him professionally editing all of his video content and capturing those special moments for him.

If you can afford that fantastic, let’s go, let’s invest, let’s help you get the team to do that. But this isn’t for you really, this is for the people who have a smartphone, who know they should be doing video but they haven’t yet embraced it.

If you’re not embracing video then you’re missing a huge opportunity. Right now people consume video at such a vast rate, you’re missing a massive opportunity if you don’t create video for your business.

Most people don’t create video because they don’t know what to create content around, as I said it’s more about documenting rather than creating.

  • Tell the story of your business
  • How you got into it
  • How you help people
  • The results that you get

Make it all about the value that you provide to your customers…

  1. How do you help them?
  2. What’s the output that they will get when they work with you?

I’ll give you an example for our business, we talk to people about how easy it can be to write 10 blogs a month.

Now for most people that’s quite overwhelming at the beginning because we often work with people who aren’t even writing one blog consistently a month.

The thought process that it might take a long time to create blogs, actually is a bit of a myth, you just don’t have the right systems and processes in place.

I talk about productivity all the time and we show how to do content creation, in fact right now I’m LIVE on Facebook, YouTube, Periscope, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, showing people right now, behind the scenes how to create content.

This video will become more content than just the video it starts as;

There is a better way to create content and tomorrow I’ll be going live again explaining how to blog in a new way.


So right now I’m creating a video, but tomorrow this video will become a blog.

So for you guys who are on the LIVE, make sure you’re tuning in again tomorrow and come back to see what the blog looks like.

I’ll be editing it in real time on tomorrow’s session so you can come back and see the content…

If you’re reading this then you’re already at day two. Go back and watch the video!

Here’s the point, it’s about getting started and improving along the way. If you’re allowing yourself to get in the way of creating content, then you’re slowing down the opportunities in your business.

There’s so much opportunity lying ahead of you and this week we’re going to create content live with you, if you want to join us on that journey check out #BreakfastAndBusiness or you can check out all the socials @ImTristanG and we’ll see you Monday through Saturday, 8am live.


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