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28 Days Of Productivity With #ImTristanG

28 Days Of Productivity With #ImTristanG Screenshot 2021 02 01 At 07.52.10

Throughout the month I’m going to show you why it’s so important to have certain things set up, and I’m going to break it down for you every single day.

I’m going to deep dive into some of the tools that I use, and some of the processes, systems and all the functionality that we use to make sure that we’re really delivering every single day, both myself, and as an agency at ItsNomad9.

Do It Your Way

Do It Your Way Doityourway

I want to encourage you today to DO IT YOUR WAY!  Throughout your life;  Throughout your career,  Throughout your business journey;  …Things are going to change, platforms are going to evolve, mediums in which we communicate are going to change, adapt and evolve over time.  But I want you to show up as the most […]

Think Content First

Think Content First Thinkcontentfirst

When you think about creating for your business, a lot of people that word ‘create’ stops people from actually documenting what they do in their business. There’s so much great conversation and knowledge shared throughout your business, you just don’t capture it.