Get Your Digital Audit FREE Today!

Digital Audit

If you are interested in investing in your business, and developing your online strategy, why not book a FREE Digital Audit. After all, it’s important to remember…

You don’t know what you don’t know!

So why not get help and advice from a specialist in the field?

Book now and one of the team will take an objective look at your digital presence online and complete a full Digital Audit for you where they will consider all of the following areas:

  • Setting up your social profiles effectively

  • Which platforms suit your business best

  • Maximising customer advocacy & creating social proof

  • Your Website – Readability, Accessibility & Customer Experience

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Google Search

  • Content Strategy

Amongst a whole host of other factors that affect how your customers and potential customers perceive you online.

There are a number of simple ways to improve your business & raise your profile online for FREE, and that all starts with a request to have your digital content audited online by one of our dedicated team that live and breathe social media every day!

We will jump on a video call with you and give you some impartial advice and pointers on changes you can make, starting immediately to improve your business online.

We can also record a step by step video to show you and highlight the changes we advise if required?



There is NO OBLIGATION to work with us, but we would simply like you to consider us if you decide to action any changes we have suggested.

We can provide help with :
✅  Content Creation
✅  Social Account Management
✅  Digital Media & Marketing Training
✅  Website Services
✅  Enhanced Sales Techniques

✅  Business Process & Profitability Analysis
✅  Professional Photography & Video Services 

As a hospitality professional of over a decade, I can also provide the following :

✅  Hands-On Staff Training ( Hospitality )

Get Your Digital Audit FREE Today!

Digital Audit

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ItsNomad9 • We Do Things Differently…. A Digital Media Agency That really has social at it’s heart 💕 #ItsNomad9

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Chief Innovation Officer & Inspirational Educator :
Tristan Griffiths || @ImTristanG || #ImTristanG ||

📲  +44 (0) 7514 66 63 22  💻  [email protected]

I help make people more productive and allow them time to do the things they would rather be doing, or the things that help them grow their businesses faster. Having been in business since age twelve, I am driven by helping others hacking their systems and processes to increase productivity and make better use of their time.

Having build a brand up from zero to 0 – 3m audience and partnering with Microsoft Proof Drinks, Merlin Entertainments all within 9 months, I am keen to help others achieve similar results with SIMPLE & ACTIONABLE ADVICE

🤓 Please do check out our Business Support Community
[ Social Media Mentors (Global) #SMMGlobal ]

– Tristan Griffiths

📲  +44 (0) 7514 66 63 22  💻  [email protected]

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