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Event Amplification

We are taking on just TEN NEW EVENT CLIENTS in 2019.

Our team will help you achieve similar results to those we have consistently delivered reviously for ourselves and clients.

We are here to ensure you amplify your online presence, attract more leads and sell more tickets!

Our team have previously :

  • Increase event attendees by 500% and profits by 300%
  • Built a website audience of 3,000,000 with NO BUDGET!
  • Built a database of 10,000+ members
  • Oversubscribed events by 400% 
  • Generated $67,000 in 8 weeks for a client on Snapchat

Conferences & Seminars

Shout to Tristan Griffiths for capturing this moment and for hand delivering all our meedia from the event within 24 hours.

That’s what I call going above and beyond for your clients! Also the images are 🔥😎

Nick James

Expert Empires Owner & Organiser

With BIG events, there is already so much to do. Why not let us ensure your event is captured in all it’s glory and shared with the world. The media created will help you to :

  • Reach more people
  • Spread your message
  • Leverage extra sales online
  • Create a FOMO effect for those not there


I work as part of an events -mastermind business and Tristan and his team arrived ready to record the magical moments during the two day event. He breezed in and around the crowd to capture those key moments, capturing the essence of the event without hastle.

What really amazed me was the speed of turn-around from click to social media on the same day, which is unheard of! Absolute professional…

Pete Butler

Seriously Fun Business

Expert Empires Underground 2018 was a pleasure to capture, with lots of special and emotional moments – which iit was a breeze to capture, as the team were super profiessional, gave us the info and resources we required & allowed us to do what we do best – amplifying events!
Thank you for taking the photos.

They are TOP CLASS! Gordon Burcham

Martial Arts Business Coach & Author of The business of Martial Arts.

We initially invested in ‘ItsNomad9’ to document our events by being the photographer for our events.

What we got was miles above our expectations of what we’d experienced before, and even knew was possible.

The exposure the team game us using all our social platforms throughout the event and after was simply astounding.

If you run events of any kind, then you’d be a fool to hire anyone other than ItsNomad9 to maximise the impact of your event socially.

Not only that, the images we were supplied were plentiful and amazing.

And if that wasn’t good enough, Tristan John Griffiths and the team came to our office and hand delivered the images the very next day we were in the office.

All in all, a flawless service and a relationship that will now go on for a very long time.

Adam Ashburn

Marketing Manager , Seriously Fun Business

Training Amplifed Beyond The Room!


While you focus on delivering world class training to the people in the room, allow us to amplify your hard work further afield to help you :

  • Fill your next event
  • Build your business & brand
  • Sell additional products.


I don’t know what you’ve done but my social has been blowing up all week! Sam Rathling

LinkedIn Trainer

These images were captured and published LIVE during LinkedIn Or LinkedOut LIVE with Sam Rathling in Derby.

When publishing to social, we watermark all images to ensure you get the most  brand re-enforcment from your event imagery, whilst attracting more clients.

Great photos Tristan. Great working with you. Dan Lamoon


Success On Snapchat • $67,000 in 8 weeks!





After attending a FREE seminar hosted by Kerwin Rae in Sydney Australia, I stayed around to chat and introduced him to Snapchat. As you can see from one of the TWO actual Snapchat images we took that day

After our talk Kerwin signed up and took his first snaps before even leaving the building. A testament to the power of the delivery.


Having been told numerous times before that he should be using Snapchat, it was the THREE facts I shared that finally convinced him to sign up and start using the fast growing platform and a serious business tool.

With a little further guidance, Kerwin Rae was well on his way to beginning encorporating Snapchat as part of a much bigger picture strategy that we built together in order to give him stronger cross platform presence.


In just FIVE minutes we had Kerwin Rae up and running on Snapchat & taking to it like a duck to water.

As you can see HOW you teach is important.

This exercise went on to NET KerwinRae’s company $11k in 10 days & $67k in the next 8 weeks.

Not a bad ROI for my time at $2000+ per minute in just the first week and a half!

Attendance ⬆️ 500%

Profits ⬆️ 300%

In just 3 Weeks!

After John Holman appoached Tristan to help with Poundabout Tuesdays, we set a plan in place that moved the local student night from a maximum of 200 people to 1200+ people every week for the next three weeks! 

We set up a plan for the 6 weeks from the first meeting & asked john to trust in us for th eresults he was after. 

The only thing we asked for was the freedom to try various things and that we could require  high quality photographer to document it all. 📸

Establishing a strong social media presence and WordPress webite, we turn this night around 3 weeks ahead of the targetted schedule. 

You can see the attendance in these photos, to compare early days to when we signed it off as a success. 

To say Tristan did a great job with our social media would be a HUGE understatement. Not only did he grow our presence online, but he also took our event from a reasonable Tuesday night out to a capacity event, having a regular queue down the street and a sell out guest list, week on week. 

With over 200+ % capacity every week, he skyrocketed our brand awareness, and in turn our profits at least five-fold!! 

I can’t recommend him highly enough… 
If you want to grow your brand ask him how to do it – he definitely knows how to deliver results! John Holman

Owner & Manager, Poundabout Bournemouth

World Class Professional Imagery

FAQ || Frequently Asked Questions

How do you get these great results?

We have years of experience & we use a tried and tested combination of professional photography, video & social media to ensure maximum exposure of your event. allowing you to focus on the event itself.

Do i get to keep the photos and videos?

YES! You get to keep all the imagery and videos captured at your event. not only the edited watermarked copies we share to social media, but also the high resolution copies – which are print ready & backed up for your in the cloud.

Is this only for music events / nightlife?

Absolutely not! We regularly help conferences, training and workshops to amplify the amazing work they do online so more people are aware of their brand.

What platforms do you use?

We assess the most appropriate platforms for your style of event & discuss with you how it would work best for your audience, but these are the primary platforms we know wll work cross industry & events :

  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Ready to get started?


Will you be one of the TEN events
brands we AMPLIFY in October? 

What experience do I need?

Great news is that our team are industry professionals that become a part of your event team to ensure you get the results without having to learn how todo this.

what's the cost?

All prices are fully inclusive, but vary depending on what is the best solution for your specific event.

what's do I get?

  • 20+ years hospitaliy & events experience
  • Professional Photography& Viddeo Creation
  • Watermarking & Captioning Of All Content
  • Social Media Management During Your Event
  • All Files Saved In Cloud Backup