We are a digital agency that really has social at it’s heart 💕

#ItsNomad9 – A Digital Agency solution that supports
and provides opportunities to the under privileged.

Meet The Nomad9 Team || #TeamIN9

Rudy Ebanks

Rudy Ebanks

Personal Development Coach & Mentor

RudyE is focussed on helping people from all walks of liefe to fulfil their true potential and live their best life today. 

With a wealth of training, counselling and pastoral experience,, his personal development sessions are something to be admired. 

Tristan Griffiths

Tristan Griffiths

Chief Inspiration Officer, Digital Jedi & Productivity Hacker

Being from a hosiptality background, Tristan’s focus is always on the customer experience and productivity. 

Finding quicker, more efficient ways to do things, whilst managing to maintain the high standard he would himself expect. 

Louisa May

Louisa May

Awesome Content Wizard

Heading up the content team, and keeping everyone organised, Louisa is a strong team player, always watching for the next opportunity to test and try somthing new, and make not only ours, but our clients content even more awesome!


Personal Development • Team Building • Productivity

Content Marketing • Social Media • Leveraging Mobile VIdeo