With so many platforms and content options, it’s important not to get consumed, so Tristan assists managers, teams and local business owners in removing social media overwhelm. With a clear plan and some clear strategy, anyone can be up and running with creating content without it taking over completely.

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Read About Removing Social Media Overwhelm

[ Taken from Tristan’s talk, recorded and embedded above ]

Removing Social Media Overwhelm

Just before I start, we’re going to talk about social media, so it’s quite important I know where people are at. Don’t worry I’m not going to embarrass anyone, I just want a quick show of hands. When I mention the platform, I want you to raise your hands if you currently use it either for personal or for business.

Facebook? Okay
Snapchat? Okay


Okay, interesting mix you’re probably…

‘Linkedin’ well I’ve already connected with half of the room on LinkedIn, so I know that one.

So one of the things that’s really important inside of the social media space is identifying what is relevant to you. You probably looked round the room to see what other platforms other people were using, especially if they’re in a similar industry to you. If they’re using it and you’re not, maybe you should ask the question, why am i not on that platform? What’s the advantages to me being there?

It’s really really important that you focus when you do it, nowadays there’s so many different social platforms. I’ve only touched on some of the main ones, there are a multitude of other ways you can market. I haven’t even started to delve into the things like being able to use like WeChat and Whatsapp and things like that for your business. I personally communicate most of my stuff through Whatsapp for business with people once I start working with them because it allows me to do photos, videos, audio notes and texts all in one place. Really concise, really neat, and I can use it on my computer, which most people don’t realize. So it’s a really clean way to do it, to put your content all in one place.

Why am I stood up here? Debbie and I have a fantastic working relationship as you can probably imagine because we’re hosting some trainings together. I actually, believe it or not, I’m a fully qualified chef by trade. What that’s taught me, is how to deal with people who are not very nice, how to work really long hours, and not get very much sleep. So leaving hospitality, I went back to university and got a degree in digital media, believe it or not I actually wanted to do photography and got rejected from the course, which I was actually pretty happy about.


When I went to digital media, I realised how big the industry was while I was at uni, and where there were massive gaps in it. Very much in a similar way, removing jargon from social media. People don’t want to hear about PPC, they want to know I’m a normal person, how does that affect me? What do I have to do? So one of the things that we’ve done is simplify that and turn it into human understandable language that you can comprehend and take action on. So making it actionable for people.

While I was at uni, I built an audience of 3 million people online, spending no money at all for that marketing. And there’s no reason that any of you couldn’t do exactly the same thing. It’s about understanding how to do it, and taking lots of small actionable steps, everybody’s focused on the quick big win, it took nine months, still pretty quick for 3 million people on online. But whilst I did that, I surrounded myself with the right people. If you’re in business and you’re on your own, it’s going to be really difficult collaborating with them. Working with other people will be one of the quickest ways you’ll grow and you’ll… It’s a good way for you to also help and manage the social media side. Conversations they’re the biggest and strongest way to grow any brand. If you look at any of the big influential brands on social media, they are talking to other people, they’re having conversations. Does anyone know the burger place Wendy’s? Anyone watch their Twitter feed? It’s great. If you don’t, go and look it up afterwards. They literally target their competition and there’s this whole joke thing where they’re talking about the competition, but it starts a conversation.

People often say;

What’s Twitter about? I don’t get it!
It’s just like I sent a text to like everybody?
And I don’t get it!

It’s a conversation. It’s literally having a conversation, and all the platforms are the same.

When you come to creating content, there’s so many places you can put it and so many things that you can create content for, it’s really important that that focus for your business. Is really really important that you’re putting it in the right place.

So the first thing you need to do, is identify where is the most relevant place for you.

Second thing is to empower yourself with the tools to do it. For me I put, regularly put out content across a whole range of different platforms.

As a digital media agency there are still platforms that we don’t as business, play on personally for the business. Because they’re not the best solution for us. And so as a digital media agency, I can stand here and say you don’t need to be on every platform.

Some people will tell you, you have to use every single platform, you have to be there – you do have to be aware what is going on with platforms!

If you are going to do a half-hearted job on every platform, you’re better to do a full hearted job on two of them, because you will build relationships better, faster and you will get to new customers, new clients. You will build relationships for partnerships much quicker by investing the time there, LinkedIn being a really really powerful place to do that.

Like it. By preference when I meet people at networking, would rather connect with them on LinkedIn. Believe it or not it is actually the fastest growing social network.

Two people per second, sign up on LinkedIn.
(Which is unrivalled on all the other platforms)

They might all have these big figures already, but they’re already big. LinkedIn is still fast growing, there’s a lots of opportunity. And believe it or not, a massive amount of people aren’t using it properly.

A lot of people aren’t writing any articles on there.
If you’re a specialist in your field, share your knowledge.

So many people when it comes to social media, think it’s about creating content. You heard me say it myself, we help people create content, but we help to make effective and efficient content.

You’re already running a business, you’re already a specialist in your field, all you’ve got to do is show other people.

So it’s not about getting clever.
It’s not about creating content for content sake.

It’s about documenting what you know and what you do.
You do it well, show people!

You look up there, on that banner that’s on the back. There’s examples of things I’ve done, one-to-one mentoring, showing people how to use Snapchat, using Facebook live to educate people. I don’t have to tell half the room about that, because they can see it. Social media does the same thing, but it removes the walls, so that everybody can see it. You’re literally amplifying it.

If you get really good at what you do, and you become a specialist. Everybody wants to help their friends. So if you’re great at something and I know about it, I’m gonna tell my friends about it. Because I want them to get the best service. So if you’re the best person for the job, I’ll tell my friends.

It’s a lot cheaper than spending money on your marketing, you can target people and aggressively market people.

The best example of this is if you want to sell jeans to a middle-aged woman who do you target?
Anyone want to volunteer an
It’s not the middle-aged woman – It’s the daughter who says ‘Mum you look
great in those.
Because the daughter already has her mum’s trust.
You’ve just
bought the trust of the daughter to the mum, and the daughter is more susceptible to social media.

So it’s how you use it.

People always try to target the end user directly, but that’s not always the best way to do social media.

In that 9 months at university when we reached 3 million people, we had built a team of forty 18 to 24 year olds…

Most people in this room… does anyone feel nervous about employing 40, 18 to 24 year olds? You shouldn’t.
You just need to understand
them. It’s the same as employing anyone of any age.

When I go in to consult with businesses, one of my early questions to people is;

When did you have your last staff meeting?

…and quite often the answer is more than three months ago. I follow up with some more questions…

When we grew that audience there was forty 18 to 24 year olds, and over two years we had 100% team retention.

Removing Social Media Overwhelm

Notice I didn’t say staff retention! If you build a team, you will succeed faster than if you employ staff. And it is literally the change of that attitude that will help you grow your business as well. It will help you in your social media too!

If they’re your team they will be at a meeting like this, and they will take a selfie, and they will put it online.
If they’re your staff, they’ll turn up because you told them to.
Now they’re doing things for your business without you having to ask them to. When you build a team, they want to be a part of it. It’s not all just about you and your business, it’s the people in the business, and it’s the people you deal with. The conversations.

Right now I’m posting on social media.
It’s not a
clever trick.
I’ve got stuff scheduled, because I know I’m not going to be
available to post on social media because I’m giving a talk.

I’m also currently writing a blog, while I’m talking to you.

Anyone interested in knowing how you do that whilst not actually touching a computer?


I always set myself a challenge when I’m talking to groups, and I just did a quick head count (although you’ve just thrown it out slightly). Because people always want something that’s measurable. They want a fact and a figure to do with the 21 people in the room that were here when I did the head count. It’ll be slightly more.

I’m gonna show you one tip today that if you action – If everybody in the room actions today, over the next year this room that will get six work days back in time. And it’s really simple and I can nearly guarantee eighty percent of the room probably aren’t doing it, and that’s nothing bad about you guys!  It’s simply how society has trained us to be, and it involves this.

This is one of those talks where it’s okay to have your phones out.
Could you all get your devices out for me, I’m not going to pull anyone up on this. I’m going to get you to look for yourselves.

I just want you to unlock it and look at your home screen.

If you’re right-handed look at the bottom right nine icons on your screen, and if you’re left-handed look at the bottom left nine icons. What are they?

Anyone want to volunteer their nine icons?

Removing Social Media Overwhelm

I will tell you what mine are:

  1. Google Drive
  2. Facebook Pages
  3. WordPress
  4. Facebook Messenger
  5. Facebook
  6. Snapchat
  7. Instagram
  8. Whatsapp
  9. Anchor

Anyone know what Anchor is?

It allows me to record a podcast like this. (Raises phone to ear) Now I don’t feel like an idiot walking down the road recording a podcast. I just sound like I’m having a conversation with a friend. Yet I can share my knowledge at any point in time. It operates with the accelerometer in your phone, so as you pick it up it starts recording, you don’t even have to do anything.

You’re literally saving time in doing it.

I’m currently writing a blog, those of you who are really observant will see there’s a small wire here. (gestures to mic cable). I’m currently recording everything that I’m saying into another device in my pocket, that once I get home will turn into a blog.

The Internet is moving much more towards wanting to sound like people…. the computers are coming, right?

You’ve got your Google home, your Alexa, you talk to it. 

Do you know why kids are better with Alexa than grandparents? Because they talk to it like a person. It’s built to be talked to like a person. When I see older people generally trying to use Siri, they talk to it like it’s a computer, which is why it doesn’t understand them… because it’s listening like a human.

In the same way people are consuming content differently online. When they’re consuming content from online, you don’t want to read an article that someone’s written and think ”Oh, that’s fantastic, that’s what they’re like, that’s their personality.” And you meet them at networking meeting and it’s completely different.

When people sit down to write content, they tend to write completely differently to how they would have a conversation with you. I’ll tell you what, the conversation is always more fun! So when you record and turn it into content, it fast tracks you. It allows you to go from about on average 40 to 50 words a minute, excluding Debi, typing up to 110 to 120 on average, and for me about 150 /160. So you’ve instantly saved time by talking.

There’s about a 20% allowance for that, being things that you need to correct, but even with that you will increase your productivity by about 400% if you use it for everything.

Quick show of hands, when you check your emails who does it only on their phone?

I’m going to challenge your thinking for a minute, because it’s always been traditional to check your emails at the computer. Would you feel comfortable sat in your office talking to your computer? Would you feel comfortable talking to your phone?

I write my emails using my voice on my phone. At the point that you realise there’s all these tools that you’ve got built into the devices that you’re already carrying, you realise unfortunately how unproductive you might have been up until this point.

I can write a blog while I’m in my car, it’s the same as having a conversation with someone who’s sat in the passenger’s seat.

If you want to go a step further than this, you want to create social content massively at scale;

ItsNomad9 we built a thing called the content creation machine

content creation machine

It’s a really big bold brash title, because that’s exactly what it does.

If you were to record a video of yourself, you now have a video and an audio podcast if you want it, because you can just pull it off the video. You can then transcribe your video, we’ve now got a full written blog. You can now cut that down and turn it into graphics for other social platforms Tweetables for Twitter. You’ve suddenly created content for nearly every platform.

I share my 24 hour story and because I have so much to do and I’m delivering for clients, I have opted to create primarily one story across four different platforms.

Anyone who follows me on social will also know that all of my social handles and my hashtag are exactly the same, ImTristanG. It’s a personal brand that runs the agency because people buy from people.

It’s the same reason people want to read something that sounds like a person not like a computer!

When you start doing that, for me, my story starts at Snapchat. I then download it from Snapchat and I post it into Instagram. Instagram’s attached to my Facebook Business Page which means it’s automatically posted to that page as well. So I’ve just put three pieces of content out by posting twice, and then I repost it across to my own personal Facebook because they’re different connections. I’ve now put my stuff across four different platforms, and it takes about 20 seconds.

It’s about how you use that content. As I put it into each different platform there’s nuances to each platform.

I put a piece of content out when I first moved to Coventry. I thought student town – never been here, let’s do a test!

I’m gonna put a post out about how students can cook better food because I’m a chef. So I started hash tagging using things like #studentfood #students, words like that in my Instagram story and was getting over a thousand views from people locally that I don’t know.

It’s cheap and easy for you to do, you just might not know how to do it.

So it’s always about educating yourself in how to do something to make the most of it.

How many people in the room drive?
You didn’t know how to do that at one point right, had to learn.

It’s the same with social media. Most businesses aren’t investing enough into their social media. And by that I don’t necessarily mean you’ve got to invest money in your social media. Investing time in your social media is the best investment you’ll make.

The learning process, if you think ”I’m really going to struggle, I know I’m going to struggle to learn.” Great, employ someone, collaborate with someone.

I just started working with a video agency, they need some of my services and I need some of theirs. I create video for my business but I held myself accountable by making someone else do it. Now when I turn up, those videos better be done, they better be ready. It’s important that you do that and you hold yourself accountable if you’re in a small business. Unfortunately you generally have to hold yourself accountable and that’s quite often where small business falls down.

Same with social media, ”Yeah. Yeah. I’m going to post on all the platforms every day” Doesn’t last though unless you build a strategy that allows you to do it. And creating the content becomes easier, once you make it easy and you’ve built a strategy out.

So many people post to social media ‘because they should‘, or ‘because everybody else is’.  If you don’t know why you’re doing it, STOP!

Take a week off and spend a week learning why you should do it, and how you should do it. And I’ll tell you what, that week when you come back, you will get more engagement on every platform than you’ve ever seen on your platforms before.

Once you understand the why you’re doing it, what the content that people want to see is. We know it, when we talk about business and how to get business, what problems you solve for me?

I solve the problem with the content creation machine, of how it takes ages to create all of your social content.
No it doesn’t, because you can have a team help you do that.
You can
record a video.

We have a client in America who his whole social strategy is 60 minutes of video, that’s his commitment to creating social content in a month. He talks passionately about what he talks about in his specialist area, and then he links us to the videos and the rest happens.

This is not a sales pitch.

I’ve written how to do this online and you can do it yourself.
Again, your best to do it
If you can’t do it, get help with it.

Social media isn’t something that’s going away, it’s only becoming a bigger thing.

When we refer to social media you think of the platforms, but social media is essentially the internet. Wherever you are going and you are communicating and you’re dealing with people, it is social media. They just started to call them social media platforms as they were popping up, but it’s essentially everywhere you’re communicating online now. Even if you have run a wordpress blog, what can you do at the bottom of everything? Comment, have a conversation, it’s a social platform.

There’s actually plugins that you can put on WordPress that makes it essentially Facebook! You can build your own Facebook with like three clicks of a button, because it works. People don’t go and reinvent the wheel.

No one’s thought ”cars with four wheels don’t work let’s put five on it.”
You don’t need to reinvent it!

In the same way if there’s someone in your industry doing something well;
If they’re doing it and it works,
why aren’t you doing it?
Take that idea improve it and make it your own.
Even better than that, if you want to excel in your industry, look at the other industries.

If you look at another industry, the people in your industry will probably be looking within your industry to see how marketers do that, how salespeople do that, how a fitter does that. But as soon as you look outside of your industry, you’re bringing new ideas to your industry.

You’re an innovator within your industry.
It’s not a new idea;
It’s just new to your industry!

Anyone heard of uber?
Anyone heard of Airbnb?

Two companies that are literally software. People think that they’re accommodation providers and that they are transport. Well Airbnb doesn’t own any accommodation, any properties. And uber doesn’t own any transport. So that would be really difficult, they are a software provider that links people together. And they’re massive, which is why you’ve heard of them.

It’s a new way to do an old process, which is why the taxi drivers got upset. They got upset because someone innovated and brought something new.

If you’re not upsetting anyone you, need to work harder.

Creating the content doesn’t need to be difficult. That’s obviously what it’s about, it’s about making sure that you are sharing your knowledge, and you’re making it accessible to people.

Every business thrives on sales, in order to make sales you’ve got to find new customers, and you’ve got to convince them that you’re the right person and you’ve got the right solution.

There’s four elements to selling to someone,

  • It has to be the right solution
  • It has to be the right price
  • Has to be the right time
  • There has to be ease of access to the information.

Any one of those four things isn’t there, you’re not making the sale.

That’s not to say don’t share the information with someone, when it’s not. They might see your advert but it’s not the right time. ”I don’t need those new running shoes” but if I see your advert all the time, and when it comes to the right time, that fourth element’s there and I come back and buy them.

Brand awareness

Why are all of my social media the same name?
The same handle?
The hash tag is the same?

Because everywhere you see it, I can literally send people, and go find me on your favourite social media platform using that.

Using that name rather than here’s the link for that, and here’s the link for that, and here’s the link for that.

Even the University in Coventry have printed on their wall. All of their social media handles, are all different, and they teach digital media: a little bit worrying!

So your brand is really really important, personal brand. People buy from people.

So many people when I say, and I’m gonna actually summarise on this, because someone pulled me up on it the other day; The ‘avatar’ of the person you’re targeting; Meaning the person you do business with.

Because some people don’t get the avatar thing. The person that you do business with in the business, that you’re dealing with. Most people say, I deal with the human resources department. Head of HR is the person I need to speak to.

Okay do you know the demographic?
Is it generally male/female?
What’s the age range?
What are their interests?
What do they do?

Those are the important bits. Doesn’t matter they’re in HR. They’ve got a life outside of that.

I tell you what, you’ll get more business investing time in who that person is, and what they’re interested in than anything else.

I know someone who’s picked up a six-figure deal for sending a birthday card. They beat a massive competitor because they cared. Literally got the contract, they said, you know, have you got any questions? He said yeah, out of interest why did I get it? Because you sent a birthday card. They literally told him, he’d remembered. Because they all had access to that information and he bothered to care. Okay royal mails not cheap, but that was probably two pounds. And he picked up a six-figure deal off the back of doing that.

The fact of it is, showing you care when you put your content out.
If you are just punting content out on social media, you don’t care.
If it doesn’t help me, you don’t care.

And with the amount of content we’re talking about, overwhelm from someone who’s marketing, someone who’s trying to get business.

You’re all consumers as well.
How do you feel when you’re targeted with ads that are completely irrelevant?
So make sure that when you’re doing it be specific, be helpful, and position it right.

If you’re selling something that’s a business-to-business service, don’t hit up people who don’t have a business.
So many people blanket market.

I’ve got a client who last week came to me and I said who’s the target audience?
And he said it’s a bit tricky, 8 to 80.
So fantastic, we’re going to run THREE social media campaigns for you then.
Because you can’t talk to an eight-year-old how you talk to an eighty year old.

So we broke it down, eight to about twenty four, twenty four to about 45, and 45 plus.
(This was due to their restrictions, I wouldn’t love to break it down to like every five years and get really specific)

But the kids only care about the fact it’s a bowling alley, that it’s fun and it’s a great night out, and we can go, we can spend a whole day there, and I can have slush drinks. That’s what they care about. But at the top end, they care about spending time with their grandkids. They don’t even want to bowl, they’re there to spend time with the grandkids. Where do we target them?

Where can I get 8 to 80?

People think ”But those people are like eighty aren’t going to be on Facebook.”
If you’re middle-aged and you’ve got parents still alive chances are they probably on a tablet.
And the reason it’s a tablet is it’s easy to use and the reason they use a tablet is because you don’t send them photos anymore, you put them on Facebook. They’re watching their grandkids through a screen, it’s a digital photo frame.

[ That’s something that never really took off, but it’s essentially the tablet that grandparents use.]

So you’re targeting them at a time when they’re looking at their grandkids and being sentimental.
They’re really likely to buy.
They’re the most likely people in that age range to buy it, even though they’re probably physically the least likely to want to do it.

So how you target them?
Or why you do it?
It’s exactly the same as the jeans example I gave, is who are you targeting?

How you’re doing it, remove the overwhelm, only target the right people, create the right content, and make sure that you trying to get all four of those things in if you want to make the sales. Some people don’t. There are people in business who are doing okay. And at this point just want to make sure my brand is everywhere, I can’t take on any more clients, I’m dealing with everything I can do this year. Fantastic.

Already twice this week I’ve spoken to two people who said ‘
‘Yep, I made the mistake! I was really busy I pulled back on my marketing”
What happens with marketing is it does this (gestures up and down), your customers go like this (gestures up and down), and you get loads, and you’re really busy. And then it goes a bit quiet because its January, everyone spent too much at Christmas.

Problem we have is if we pull that marketing back, the lead time between doing the marketing again and getting the customers means you’ve now got a big drought rather than a small one. It still goes up and down but you need to stay consistent!

People forget!
They’ve been bombarded with so much information every day.
You need to stay front of mind for what you do.
And the best way to do that is to share your information.

So many people in social are scared to share what they do.

I’ve literally just said to you here’s the service I do and how to do it, because you’re all busy running businesses.

Some of you might do it and hats off to you. It’s a great process, but the reality is you can share most of your ideas, people aren’t gonna steal them, people are scared of that. But show what you do, be passionate about it, be real, be a person.

Anyone who follows me on any of the platforms I share my 24 hour story on will know, I answered a question about personal branding today. In 10 second chunks through Snapchat.

Someone asked me about personal branding, and I just talked about it.

It’s about just being a person, being human.
That’s my biggest piece of advice.

If you want any advice on a specific platform or you want to talk a little bit about any of that, I’ll be over here, and I will send you out also the blog to prove that it can be done quickly and easily.


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