People who do really well on services like Etsy, eBay & Amazon have a really slick process for getting reviews and

Think about your process are you asking your customers to give you feedback?
Are you making it easy for them?

There’s a really easy way to leverage your existing customers to get more customers.

Testimonials and reviews online allow you to do this!

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Good morning everyone and welcome to another episode from

I’m Tristan Griffiths and I just wanted to share a little message with you today about social amplification.

We all know that word of mouth is one of the strongest ways that you can be recommended and the fastest ways to connect with new customers and to drive more business. Word-of-mouth traditionally was people speaking to other people in person. Now obviously with the dawn of technology and the changes that are happening with social media, and the way that people consume content online and the way that we would search for recommendations. And what help is available is changing ever so fast.

It’s really important to consider that we always go to our closest connections first to get recommendations for services and products. But failing that testimonials and reviews become a next best thing these work because inherently we trust people when they’re prepared to put their name and face to something.

So if you as a business owner you can encourage people to give testimonials and to leave reviews via social media then you’re building a level of trust in a community that you don’t yet know!

It can be a really powerful way for people to start to understand what it is you do and to buy into you as a company, as
individuals, and as an option. Remember that as a customer they have a massive amount of options.

With the internet people are literally stood in shops and comparing online so the multitude of options that they have, which means that you have to do the very best you can do within your business.

I always say it – focus in on doing what you do best and providing amazing customer service.

When you do that and you provide that high level of customer service and the attention to detail in every aspect of
what you do your customers will become advocates for your business. What that means for your business is that they will feel that they can recommend your business, your services, and you as an individual to other people.

Not only will they recommend you but they will be happy to give you reviews or testimonials for your
services or products. But it is all about making that process easy for them.

To collect reviews and testimonials is a really, really simple process it’s about asking at the right time. Far too many
people leave it too long to ask for someone’s feedback on a service or goods that they have provided to someone.

People who do really well on services like Etsy, eBay & Amazon have a really slick process for getting reviews and

Think about your process are you asking your customers to give you feedback?
Are you making it easy for them?

There’s a really easy way to leverage your existing customers to get more customers.

Testimonials and reviews online allow you to do this!

Making that process easy, making it part of your process of customer follow-up will help you to do this. When you get good reviews, when you get good testimonials online – show them off! They’re like an opportunity for you to show that it’s not just what you say about your business it’s what other people think about your business. And obviously other people’s opinions are formed based on the service or goods that you provide and therefore have far more credibility than you talking about your own business.

So my advice for you today is encourage people to give you reviews and testimonials, and make the process easy.

I’ve made that really easy for you guys by creating a document that shows you how you can link people directly in to giving you reviews on Facebook and Google.

It’s really really easy.

You can go and read that document :

It shows you how to get your unique links or your Facebook in your Google, that send customers directly to the reviews section.

The perfect time to ask a customer for a review or to give you feedback is as soon as they are happy with your product
or service. And the best way to avoid getting bad reviews and testimonials is to phrase your follow-up something like
this :

We would love to share our services with even more people and therefore we’d like to get your feedback on how your
experience was with us today.

If you had a good time we would love you to tell other people about it (followed by the link)

If you had a bad experience we would love to help rectify that.  Would you be able to give us more details here (followed by link to a from)

What you’re actually doing is starting to filter good and bad reviews to make sure that good reviews go out publicly online, and bad experiences are dealt with internally. Also you are given the maximum opportunity to turn that bad experience, for someone into a great experience. Resolving their problem and regaining their trust and building on that relationship.

Investing the time in doing this as part of your process will pay back tenfold on the time that you have to invest in setting up doing it.

Again you can go to :

…to find out how to get those links.

Remember it’s really important WHEN you ask and HOW you ask for those reviews!

This helps maximise the opportunity for you as a business owner, to get social proof and social amplification

People leaving reviews and testimonials is basically amplified word-of-mouth

It’s people telling other people how great your business or service is, whether they know them or not!

Social media is a massively pivotal role now within the marketing process.

If you’re not leveraging reviews and testimonials then you’re missing out massively.

I’ll give you a really good example of this:

I’ve been looking at trades people on the Isle of Wight. To push yourself up the rankings within Google reviews play a
massive role in this, because it is customers feedback on how good your service is.

Google wants to recommend the best answer to every question and therefore if customers are saying your
service is good that is social proof to Google that you are doing a good job as a business! And therefore they want to
show you ahead of people who have less reviews.

So it’s really easy when you get those reviews to push yourself up to be visible to more customers who are searching, and are ready to buy your products.

Again when you’re doing this it’s super easy to get those reviews when you ask, at the right time, in the right way, and you make it easy for the customer.

Start using reviews and testimonials today and I would love to hear your feedback on how the process goes.

If you need help setting up please do just jump in book of discovery call with me


You can book a ten minute discovery call and we can have a chat about it and I’ll see
how can help you get set up for massive amounts of success using testimonials and reviews online.

Remember it’s easy, it’s free and it’s something you could do starting today to improve your business, and  to become much more visible to a much wider audience of potential customers!

Using reviews and testimonials will also show up when people share content about your your business. Facebook has started including the star rating when people recommend your business.

I might recommend a business, and then when I recommend it – Facebook shows the person I’m recommending it to what everybody else thinks of that business.

So start working on your reviews and testimonials and start today it is free and it is easy.

If you need any help please do reach out you can find me a message via the Facebook message button or just book in on a call.

I’d love to chat to you and help you make that part of your process, so that it is slick and it works for your business.

Thanks again guys for spending time with me.
I am Tristan Griffiths and – We are a digital media agency that provides training and managed solutions for people on social media, productivity and offer general business advice.

We’re available to consult one-to-one, and we actually as a digital media agency really focus in on putting social at the core of the business. And by that we don’t just mean social media, we actually offer opportunities to those people less fortunate .

So if you want to do something good today, start working with

We would love to help you, and help other people through you working with us.

Thanks guys and I’ll see you soon!

Tristan Griffiths 
Digital Jedi #ItsNomad9

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