Hello everyone.
I’m Tristan Griffiths and this is ItsNomad9.com.
We’re a digital media agency that really put social at the core.

Today I want to talk to you a little bit about why making live video is a priority for your business right now.

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Video is so impactful in connecting with your audience. It is so much more powerful than the written word, because you can actually hear the tone of voice, see the facial expression and read the body language.

So have a think today about why you might want to embrace live video.

As well as all these factors you will need to think about the fact that all of the platforms algorithms are preferencing video format especially, live video.

If you’re not already using live video for your business today – it is as easy as hitting GO LIVE on your smartphone!

Most people are carrying a smartphone these days, who are in business, and they all have a camera and the capability to go live. You can do it on Wi-Fi if you don’t have a good data plan on your phone. But I would highly recommend investing into a data plan for your business.

You never know when an opportunity might come up that you might want to create some video content for your business. And doing that in places where you might not have Wi-Fi might be a fantastic opportunity to engage a much bigger a much wider audience. So have a little think about whether or not you have the right plan for your business phone.

Today video is playing a bigger and bigger role.

The CEO of YouTube predicted that 95% of all Internet traffic will be video by 2020.

In fact I think we are already ahead of the curve looking at content like Snapchat, Facebook Live, YouTube. There’s a whole range of platforms Instagram – Instagram Live.

You’ve got all of this video content being produced by everyday people as well as businesses.

So how do you stand out from the noise?

It’s really important when you stand up and you create video that the video is made with a purpose, and you need to know what the purpose is before you hit GO LIVE. So think about what kind of content you want to create, and what kind of feelings you want to evoke in your audience.

For me I work from an educational standpoint so my videos are short concise and not conversational. Yes there is an element to the community joining, coming in and asking questions, but it is primarily about educating people around certain topics and keeping people up to date with changes. That’s our format.

For you it might be different, you might like to speak to your customers, you might like to provide customer service via video. So there’s a whole range of things you can do on video, especially live video.

The other side of things is, video is a great way to create a massive amount of content.

Creating one 10-minute video for your business can actually produce you a whole month of social media content for all your other platforms.

Here ItsNomad9.com we’ve created a system we like to refer to as the content creation machine. That takes video and turns it into long-form written content, for places like your website or blog, medium, linkedin, other publications. But you can also then break that content down into smaller bite-sized chunks, that can be used for other social platforms. So what we refer to as ‘tweetables’. So short form written content that can go out to places like Twitter where short form written content is much more preferenced.

It’s important that you make the most of your time as well.

When you speak most people speak at four to five times the speed at which they could potentially type.
Also when people talk they tend not to get what we refer to as writer’s block, which means creating content becomes easier.

Sure there’s the element of getting over being on camera. Some people don’t like having to look at themselves or hearing themselves when they’re talking. When you realize the power of creating video to then create further content and also the power of building community, you will never go back to just written content!

It is so powerful for community engagement, for building brand. Brand recognition and also just purely for creating a mass of content.

Video is the number one way
to create content right now.


Even if you are not happy to put your video out right now – record a video today and then look at how you can turn that into other pieces of content.

  • Can you grab a screenshot from it and that’s a picture you can use?
  • Can you take that screenshot and turn it into a graphic which can be used?
  • Or an animation
    (Using something like Adobe Spark)

Which allows you to add text over-the-top, animate and move the image or the text.

There’s a multitude of tools out there that you can use to turn your content into other content.

We’ve actually developed a system that does all of that for you, which is the CONTENT CREATION MACHINE.

We use the #IN9CCM If you want to see how that works have a look at the hashtag.

Basically we can take any piece of video content and turn it into long form and short form written content. We can even take it further than that and turn it into images, and short video clips, and animations that can be used across a range of platforms such as Instagram, Pinterest, your blogs and web sites.

There’s a whole range of ways you can use this content. You can even curate this content into short bite-sized pieces that you can use for Instagram Stories or Snapchat.

Have a think today about how powerful video could be today for your business.

And if you’d love to start with using video and you’re not already.
Or you’d like to level up how you’re using videos for your business.
Please do drop us a line.

You can either hit the send message button or you can just click the link below to book an appointment with us now. There’s no obligation, we’ll jump on a free discovery call with you, and look at new ways that you can use video for your business, to really amplify your brand and grow your business today.

I hope you found this useful.
If you have please share this content.

You never know if someone in your community or your network might need to hear this message today.

You might be an instrumental part of changing their future, improving their day and making their life easier.

Thanks again guys. I’ve been Tristan Griffiths. This is ItsNomad9  – We’re a full digital media agency that really puts social at the heart of the business.

If you need help with anything to do with digital or social media please do get in touch.

And don’t forget…
Thank you for tuning into these videos.
You can check out more of these just by clicking the hashtag #ItsNomad9 across the various social platforms.

Take care guys!


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