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Facebook Camera And Event Filters // Frames

In order to encourage people to use the Facebook Camera more at events, they have allowed businesses to create very Snpachat-esque filter and framing system – with AR capabilities!

Start Today & create art people can use in their photos and videos


Frames are a creative way for people to have fun or show their support. You can now create frames for people to use in the Facebook camera.

Learn more here!


Here you can start by importing some graphics with transparencies.
You can rearrange, and resize, with a LIVE preview of the layout in Landscape, Portrait & Square format!



Once you finish your design you need to attach the design to a page as the owner of the frame & then chose your location, dates (if applicable) and keywords that help people discover them and dictate when they can use them.

Then submit the frame for approval by Facebook.



It then takes up to 3 days for the team at Facebook to review and approve or remove your design and you can check this in your design section to monitor the progress and status of each frame.



From this screen you can also duplicate and then amend the designs based on the feedback you receive, so you can resubmit them until you are approved!

We can’t wait to see what you will create!

If you want help creating something truly unique then please do get in touch. 


Tristan Griffiths
Productivity Evangelist, Marketing & Business Mentor at ItsNomad9 - 'I selfishly want to help everyone!'
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