[ Recorded LIVE at The Ladies Networking Lunch, at The Garlic Farm, Isle Of Wight on 18th May 2017 ]

Tristan Griffiths, alongside mother and business partner Lyn Blackledge were asked to step in and cover for a speaker at the last minute, as so Tristan decided to attempt to increase the productivity of the room by 400% in under 25 minutes. Did he do it…?

Watch and find out…

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I help make people more productive and allow them time to do the things they would rather be doing, or the things that help them grow their businesses faster. Having been in business since age twelve, I am driven by helping others hacking their systems and processes to increase productivity and make better use of their time.

Having build a brand up from zero to 0 – 3m audience and partnering with Microsoft Proof Drinks, Merlin Entertainments all within 9 months, I am keen to help others achieve similar results with SIMPLE & ACTIONABLE ADVICE || Please do check out #SMMGlobal 

– Tristan Griffiths

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good morning everyone you might have noticed I’m not a lady we’ll start without get the joke out of the way my challenge and I always challenge myself whenever I address any audience is my focus is all on offering something to all of you my own personal tagline is that I selfishly want to help everyone which kind of doesn’t make sense to most people so I’m going to quickly explain if I sit down to help somebody there’s two things that happen when you help someone else what happens you feel good right that’s quite selfish that’s about me it’s not about the other person the other thing is every time I sit down with someone I get a new idea so it might be a new blog it might be a new business idea it might be whatever it is I walk away with two things when I only give that person one so I feel really selfish about that but it means I want to go and help more people which in itself is quite an unselfish act so the focus of this is obviously on productivity which is why mum made a hasty retreat to the back of the room and left me with her phone which I’m now going to highlight if maybe not set up correctly but she didn’t know I was going to do this when she came in the room the focus of the productivity side of things is I see productivity massively differently to how everybody else does most people think that productivity is changing your sets of processes and things like that I see productivity as a mindset it’s the way that you approach tasks so I look at everything completely differently to everybody else I aim by the end of this 25 minutes each window which I’m also gonna have an opportunity to talk at the end so I’m going to put more pressure on myself I aim to raise the productivity of the whole room by 400 percent in the next 20 minutes who would like to be 400% more productive yeah generally how it goes so one of one of the pieces of information I’m going to share today and I’m not for a minute suggesting that any of your working on minimum wage because you were working professional capacity one of the tips that I give you if everybody implemented it and everybody did this thing on minimum wage it would save two-and-a-half thousand pounds in this room from one of the tips I’m going to share today it’s actually two thousand five hundred and ninety two pounds based on a seven pound 20 minimum wage I hope I got that right 50 also save legal more so I’ve underestimated okay so it’s going to be you know two thousand six hundred ish okay that tip I’d like you all to get your phones out and put them on the table this is that kind of talk we allowed to have your phone out except month because I have heard in my hat this is a really really basic task I’m going to ask you to do which is going to be slightly embarrassing for mum when I show her phone can you open up your home screen and look at it for me who has no apps on the bottom row of their phone there’s nothing to be embarrassed about most people like a tidy phone mum has things put into folders I like I’ll explain to you why that is a really unproductive way to use your phone I’m going to use Facebook as example because the majority of people use Facebook in some capacity on average and this is taken from statistics of users most people will open the Facebook app around about 50 times in a day on their phone without realizing okay I’m using this as an example different people are using different apps so you can apply it to whichever app if it is in a folder and you have to reach for that folder it takes a second to get to the folder a second to open it and then a second to open the app if it’s on your home screen and you can press it the most relevant icons should be if you’re right-handed on the bottom right hand side of your phone and if you’re left-handed on the bottom left hand side of your phone look at mums phone if you’re an iPhone user you will probably think this looks slightly strange because there is no phone calling button on this phone at the bottom that’s because we use a CRM system and track every outbound phone call so we know who is spoken to when and what about which means that we can deliver a higher level of customer service because we know what that last enquiry was and we know how long we’ve spoken to everybody it’s important in business it’s all about building relationships is probably part of the reason that you’re sat here is you like to network and you like to get to know people better getting to know your customers better will mean that you can deliver a higher level of service to them at every possible opportunity that simple tip of taking something out of there on average I’m using Facebook as the example so that’s one thing apply it to whichever app is the app you use most some people it’s LinkedIn some people are using Instagram a lot wherever is bear in mind that that statistic I gave you the amount of money if you do that with Facebook based on 50 opens in a day that is 15 hours in a year that you are losing that is two whole workdays that you’ve lost by not putting it on the home screen most people looking to go it’s only a second or two a second or two across a whole year suddenly adds up that’s the level of productivity at which I did work when I work with people looking at processes and things like that how can you improve all of your processes when you get that 15 hours back by moving it from a folder to your home screen take a day off it doesn’t have to be it doesn’t have to be do more work one of the things one of the things about the productivity side of things is the amount of work you are doing now if you can do it in less time you now have the choice do more or have more time off I would recommend you do both because if you can become more productive taking time out of your business means you come back with the fresh eyes that someone coming into your business looks at your business with because you’re not so busy doing business that you forget to look at how the business operates I quite often walk into businesses and go have you done that look at that look at that because I have fresh eyes on a business very very easy as an outsider to come in with no emotional attachment to the business a little bit harder when it’s your own business but if you’re coming back fresh when you take the holiday and you come back to your business you probably much more aware of things that you’re getting back into and why do I do it like this another productivity tip I’m going to give you is emails biggest productivity killer in the world who hates dealing with emails how impersonal are emails the people’s to ever send you an email that doesn’t sound like they really talk dear Jane I’d really like to book an appointment with you are you possibly available on Saturday James you have any availability on Saturday it’s a very different conversation when you talk to people than when you write content generally the way that the internet is moving a lot of people refer to social media it’s the internet everything that you’re putting out effectively as social media is connecting with people you write a blog you’re writing a website people are reading it they’re connecting with you and having a conversation it is a social form of connection they are all just different names Facebook Instagram snapchat LinkedIn your blog your website so it’s about keeping everything as social as possible Google preferences human readable content / curated content that is written in the in the form that I was talking about with email people over think it over construct it and it is it’s not how you would speak it’s not how you would read Google preference the human readable version which leads me to my favorite tip that some people in this room already know how many people use a voice to text in the room if you use voice to text how many people use voice to text for their emails why not if you’re already using it it’s a tool that from your phone you can use you can use it on everything you can write your website with it you can reply to emails you can reply to Facebook that tip is a 400% increase in productivity when you implement it for everything that you do that’s written most people’s process for email and why I say email is a Productivity killer it’s a little bit tongue-in-cheek because I actually still use email quite a lot I talk to my phone and write my emails so it sounds like me when people read it I try not to do that I try to do video replies because it’s quicker and people can hear me they hear tone of voice and there is no oh that was a bit rude because they can hear what I’ve said personal connection wouldn’t it be nicer to hear what the person said than to have to read it not always convenient sometimes you’re in a meeting or you’re in a quiet environment and you need that so then email becomes applicable but the voice-to-text of sending it it still sounds more like you it’s 400 it’s actually 500 percent for me it’s about 800 percent I talk quite fast for most people at the average speed that they type and national really fast at typing this the difference between typing something and speaking it is a 500% increase in speed of writing it’s 80% accurate so you’ve got a correct 20 percent so you go back but you’re only doing 20 percent of writing so that’s why I say 400 you’re allowing the extra 20 percent to come back and to correct if it’s misheard you the other reason that it generally misunderstands people things like Siri and Google’s keyboards they are the most powerful voice recognition software in the world how many iPhones in the world as much as we don’t want to think about it they are comparing everybody’s voice in the world who is using their phone therefore it is used to hearing you in a human readable form most people sit and they start using it and when you if you don’t use it you’ll probably sit and talk like you’re talking to a computer and it won’t understand you because it is listening like a human that’s why that is generally 80% correct for people mine is probably about 95% correct I use it a lot it loans so if you start to do it and the more you use it it’s not always applicable like I said this is about using it practically when it suits for your business I know coming out of a meeting that’s when I remember everything about that meeting so as I walk out this pretty to do notes a room in my CRM system which means they’re instantly available a mom can read them a monk and then do a follow up that level of productivity is as I walk out the door of here I will have notes in my phone from if anybody will need to follow up or wanting to talk or anything like that which means by the time I get back there’s my things to do here’s my reference points and other contact information it will increase your productivity level massively it feels weird I’m not going to hide that it is really weird to sit and talk to your phone especially I work in coffee shops people are like what in the booth online I probably work in the least suitable environment to be using voice to text because there’s people around me all the time we think I’m crazy I get a lot done it’s about building my business so implementing that when it works will see a 400% increase in all of your written form that two and a half thousand was about moving an app if you go for hundred percent increase in productivity that’s a lot of time off anyone want a couple of weeks extra holiday or to do more business to be able to cater to more business because you’ve got the time you’re not getting sucked up in admin jobs that have to be done you can’t run a business without the admin side that is a quicker way to deliver that admin side of your business voice-to-text is my number one tip anyone says what’s your top productivity tip use your phone use your phone for everything you can do your emails here most people get to the office and sit down to do emails mmm sit down to write a blog or a website piece what happens when you sit down or you get a pen out to write something that funny thing called writer’s block if I had writer’s block in a conversation you’re talking to your phone talk to your phone like it’s a person you’re now in a conversation feels really weird like I said I do a lot with video video also has audio which allows me to turn it into a transcription which is written content right now I am writing a blog while we’re stood here I have a microphone on which is recording everything I’m saying and turning it into a blog so by the end of today everything I’ve said here if you’d rather read it you can read it on my website some people like reading if you’d rather watch it as a video I’m also videoing it there’s a camera on the window at the back so there’s a video there’s a written piece of content and there’s audio you choose the customer needs to choose if you give it to them where they want it guess what quicker route to sale every time if I have to do it the way you want me to do it I’ll just work with someone else who does it the way I like it why would you restrict your business all of these things are really easy to do I’m lucky in the fact that I have like eight devices that I carry around all day not everybody has a past equation and I understand but doing voice-to-text if you want to create a video and you want to have written record a video transcribe it audio video written all in one device you don’t have to transcribe this google human readable record a video upload to youtube download transcription written blog correct it it’s about 80% correct it’s doing it on your phone it does it on youtube ever seen the subtitles how do they get there Google does all the work for you all these people paying people who are VA s and things out in other countries to get this done Google’s already doing it they just didn’t know it was there so productivity is the mindset of finding that new way a lot of it is already existing it’s already there for as long as you’ve had a smartphone pretty much these tools have been available to you sorry to tell you how much time you’ve wasted because that’s the upsetting side and at the point that you realize how much you’ve wasted that is when you will start doing it it’s not about how much time you can save and make in the future you go oh my god if I’d been 400% more productive for the last five years 10 years 15 20 years the iPhone is 10 years old so for 10 years nearly probably eight with good Siri you’ve been able to do it it’s a massive massive change in how you operate your business I’m really sorry that you all have to go and rewrite the processes of how you do your business as well because that should be an easy way to make your business more productive but it doesn’t stop with you it stops with everyone in your business if you have ten people in the room and I just saved you 15 hours that’s a lot of time off if 10 people are saving 15 hours if you’re a big business 100-200 people times 15 hours and that was one tip that is one change in a process the key to the productivity side is that it has to be part of the process I always use coffee shops as an analogy because that a I spend a lot of time there and I like coffee since being in Australia for three years but secondly most people have been to a coffee shop or a tea shop and they understand the best way to learn is to attach information that you are learning to information that you already know school is not the best way to learn unfortunately do this repeat it do this repeat it that’s how you get taught to learn at school keep doing it revise go over it if you already know something I’m going to use a Tony Robbins quote here if I want to learn how to understand quantum physics and I go to the best person who understands quantum physics the best question I can ask is how does quantum physics like an orange don’t know what oranges if you can explain it in that form I can attach it to information I already know which means I will learn it and I will retain it rather than repeating and having to try and remember you start to attach it the memory masters of the world when they go and do these stupid competitions where they remember like 2,000 things that they’ve been told it’s because it’s storytelling if I gave you a list of 10 things to remember might get to about 8 if you’ve got a really good memory there’s a way to remember all 10 what colors your front door you know don’t have to tell me if you know what color your front door is that’s a piece of information you know so if I said if I talk to about a person Tony Robbins how do you remember Tony Robbins because he stood at your front door blue door Tony Robbins in a blue suit that’s really easy to remember what you’re doing is you’re attaching information together so that 10 things become I go in I know that when I come in my house I put my keys on the table I’m giving you another piece of information when I put those keys down what’s in the photo frame the next thing I told you so you attach the information to things that you already know would it be great to never forget anything I’ll tell you what cheap CRM system Forrester text because you’ve got it in your pocket all the time it’s more you use this the more you will need it’s a battery pack if you’re out and about I spend most of my time traveling around this cost a pound in pounds and it went out perfectly this morning to bring this and this is a gift for someone in the room who promises that they will try voice-to-text a pound and I’ll buy for everybody but it’s a pound go buy one again how many people get the office and put their phone away in a drawer or in my pocket why would I be holding this from Poundland it’s a tripod phone tripod do you think I put my phone away when I sit down on my computer or do you think it sits like this next to me I can see everything that’s going on and I have my headphones in to my phone because icon voice to text emails messenger I can send you a video back why would I most like to communicate with you on Facebook you send me texts I go click record here the video quickest answer takes me seconds you go to my website my website contact me form is Facebook there’s also an email because I deal with clients who don’t like Facebook but my preference is there but I give people the option to do it where it suits them what they don’t know is if you send me something on Facebook I don’t even need to be on Facebook to reply to you because I have a communication tool it gives me everything in one place mumbles that has it and it’s in the bottom row it’s called slack send a Facebook message it’s in slap send me an email it did slack messenger it comes to slack and I can reply and you go wow they’re on Facebook all the time the trick is not being on Facebook means no distraction slack doesn’t have cat memes in it and that’s nonsense them to me you can but you remove the distractions productivity is about being aware it’s being self-aware so when you remove those distractions you’ve already increased your productivity how many people get easily distracted in those hours on Facebook and I teach productivity but sometimes I want to lose time because I saved it somewhere else I currently have someone challenging me to games on iMessage and messenger because they tell me you’ve worked enough today that’s good it’s important to switch off something that for me I’ve been in business since I was 12 which is a story owner mom wanted to tell today so I would tell that one quickly I started a business at school running a tuckshop with five pounds I also got in a lot of trouble because apparently in a private school in London it is very dishonest to see a gap in the market and fill it so mum got called in a very strict South African headmaster I won’t try and do the accents I’ll probably just sound like I’m from somewhere else said this is it’s unacceptable very dishonest you need to sort this out I thought that’s what the schools discipline system was for hey-ho as we walked out of the room before we even left mum looked at me and went gonna do it again yeah don’t get cool but in business if there is an opportunity and it can be filled why wouldn’t you do it which has led me through the path to where I am today which is why I’m stood in front of you talking about productivity everything I’m talking to you about is tried and tested this is not me picking up a book at going you should try this I read it in a book if I reference someone it’s because I’ve been in a room with them and I’ve learned personally from them so people like Tony Robbins I’ve been to conferences that Tony Robbins has spoken up I wouldn’t just go oh I saw this on YouTube you guys should try it don’t get me wrong YouTube is a massive massive wealth of information and you can learn from there don’t misunderstand what I’m saying everything I have personally tried tested and implemented for myself and for someone else so it’s great that I can do it and I can tweak it and make it work if I give it to someone else and they can’t make it work I need to refine it and make it work for everybody everyone in here runs a different business it needs to work for everybody some people sniggered about opening facebook 50 times in a day I bet there are probably people within various organizations if you don’t do it other people might so you might not save 15 hours on it but they might so you might go back and say hey I learnt this thing today can I see your phone they’ll be like no but implementing it as a team there’s a principle lot of study there’s a Japanese principle called the Kaizen principle if you haven’t heard about it it basically translates into small change by everyone all the time the mass for the amount of money I talked about with that tip I counted the number of people in the room which actually gone up fantastic we just saved more money you can watch the video but that change is a small amount of change to all of you and your organizations moving forwards as food is arriving quick show of hands who would be prepared to try using voice-to-text if they’re not already and up again sorry back and that to you my my one last productivity tip and it might sound a little bit strange just before you tuck in also gives these guys a chance to put it out so you still work in hospitality this doesn’t look like anything to do with productivity one pound pound land you’re getting a theme going on here I’m not sponsored by pound land disclaimer although maybe they should this is a massive productivity tip what happens the more you use this give you a clue if it gets dirty when a screen that is touchscreen gets dirty what happens becomes less responsive keep it clean these are here if you ever want to clean your device they’re over here everyone can use these you’re welcome enjoy long [Applause]

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