Finally following suit to the advocacy economy, PayPal has incentivised referring your friends and family!

Okay so PayPal is not working directly with Uber and Airbnb, but they are using a very similar tactic that helped successfully grow both of these big technology brands! 🤓

Directly from within the PayPal app you are now presented with the option to invite your friends and family. This is in return for both of you receiving a 5 pound reward upon the new member’s first purchase!

You can share your own personal link via social media, text messages and various other forms directly from within the app!

The message will share something that looks just like this…

Hello, Join me on PayPal and we’ll get £5 each when you make your first purchase.

Already paving the way as a secure payment platform that always favours the purchaser rather than the seller, this will only serve to grow the audience of PayPal users faster than before!

Being partnered with eBay, with its 99p no reserve listings, that is potentially five items you could get for free just for signing up and using PayPal...

Definitely sounds like a winner to me!

This latest movie by PayPal further reinforces my point the advocacy and business is one of the fastest growth methods!

It is definitely important to note that you can only earn £50 this way… but that to me sounds like a nice little gift for yourself from eBay or various other retailers excepting PayPal payments!

It is worth noting we accept PayPal!

So if you aren’t using PayPal yet, why not sign up today and give it a try as various retailers across the globe are accepting payments via this method!

As a small business, PayPal also offers a range of tools including contactless payments using a device connected through your smart phone.


And enjoy £5 extra

If you have any questions or any concerns please do drop me a line – by clicking the image below!

Tristan Griffiths • Digital Jedi #ItsNomad9 

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