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Website Test • Don’t Forget Your Site

Website Test

Website Test

⛔️ Stop neglecting your digital shopfront! Do a website test today! ⚠️

Website’s often get built and then forgotten but it is important to do a website test regularly to check how it is performing!

Imaging decorating your shopfront in the best style and colour for the period, then not ever renovating it – because this is the real life example of what websites are. Online digital shop fronts and how people portray your business!

Worse than that though is that it is not just the look and feel that can become dated as time passes, but the performance too! Unlike a physical shop front, which is unlikely to do anything but look dated, your website will change how it performs if you do not update it regularly and stay aware of current industry changes & trends.

How do you compare?

A website test is a great way to do this and Google themselves offer tools to check this against a number of factors that affect it’s performance, and compare it to other websites within your chosen industry.

🎓 If you, like many others, are too busy to stay ahead of the changes in the industry, then why not join Social Media Mentors (Global) and let us keep you updated? 🤓

Website Test

How you compare to others in your industry based a Google website test – will give you an indicator if you are missing out on business that you could easily regain with a few changes. What’s more is Google offers you advice on how to do this. They actually actively want to help!

Website TestOne of the major contributing factors now is how your website displays and performs on mobile, not only visually but also in terms of load speed. If it takes too long, is hard to navigate or read then you will likely lose many of your potential customers who already took the time to visit your digital shop front.

You have more than likely invested a lot of time, money or both into your website, but how much have you done since you launched it?

  • Do you update it regularly?
  • Have you made many changes?
  • Is It mobile friendly?
  • How can you improve it?

All of these questions will give you an indication if you need to take action today.

If you have it all under control – hats off to you! You are one of the few! 🙌

💻 A website test can help people discover your business! 📲

It follows that if you have not updated your site, Google will not rate or rank your site well amongst search, and therefore you may be missing customers looking for the very products of services you offer! Taking action today means that you can become instantly more discoverable.

I would also recommend having your website listed on all your social channels and visa versa, so that people who follow you on social can read and experience more of your businesses content and services. Also those who have navigated and enjoyed your site can actively engage with you on social media where they spend more of their time.

😄 Make your customers lives easier!

Needless to say we all appreciate things being made easier for us, so put yourself in your customers shows and think..

If I got this service would I be satisfied, happy or not that bothered?

You can get help & advice looking at your website. We are more than happy to help, and offer a no obligation FREE discovery session which you can book directly here on our website.


Feel free to click any of the images on this page to test your site for FREE with Google & if you need help come back to us to help you implement the changes. 

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