Smart phone accessibility for success : Top Three Tips

There is a whole range of things you’re smart phone can-do, if you set up correctly. Smart phone accessibility for success : Top Three Tips

When it comes to hardware, I will openly admit that I am an Apple fan boy, however a closer look at my devices shows that I am Google through and through when it comes to software.

One of the reasons that I highlight this is because it is irrespective what device you use, they all contain accessibility options. It is just how they operate that is different.

Below you will find a handful of my favourite accessibility tips for smart phone users.

  1. Voice to text: this is by far my favourite accessibility options, simply because I have done the maths and once implemented properly this will help you achieve a 400% increase in productivity for written content. Because dictation is managed by your smart phones keyboard, it is available within nearly all apps.
  2. Text to voice: whether this is speak selection or speak screen, it is a great way to consume content and read webpages and documents whilst doing other routine jobs. This can effectively turn webpages into podcasts for you to listen to. This tool is also great for listening back to content you wrote yourself to see how it sounds.
  3. Voice command: whether it is hey Siri or okay Google utilising the smart phones hands-free control again allows you to carry out various tasks in person, whilst doing something completely different on your smart phone.

All of these features are part of the accessibility options of most modern smartphones. Whilst the is accessibility options are designed to make these devices usable to those who would otherwise struggle, they are also there for you to use as productivity hacks.

Do you have an accessibility options hack of your own that you would like to share? Please post a comment below, as I am a strong believer that we can always learn from other peoples experience.

Tristan Griffiths
Productivity Evangelist, Marketing & Business Mentor at ItsNomad9 - 'I selfishly want to help everyone!'
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